Do you prefer to meditate in am or pm? What are the benefits of morning/night meditation?

Sam J.
I don't know the actual benefits of one time vs another but I find that I tend to meditate in the evening. I think it's hard for me to meditate in the morning, because I'm thinking about all the things I need to do. Or, maybe that's more of a reason I SHOULD meditate in the morning…
Vivan U.
Usually in the morning. It gets my day started right and I can then do a nice gratitude exercise. Evening time I start winding down and tend to fall asleep faster.
Angelina P.
I did it in the morning and the evening but I feel morning is best time for it as in the evening we have lots of thoughts in the mind as compare to morning, so its easy to achieve meditation state in the morning.
Elliot E.
Putting on the Fabulous meditation recordings before I go to bed actually helps me fall asleep. Becoming deeply relaxed before going to bed can really improve sleep as well. In the pm, it is also much easier to avoid distractions than in the morning.
Franclim C.
Anytime is a good time to meditate. Morning meditation sets my day off in a positive direction. Mid-day maintains it and evening meditation helps to reinforce new healthy habits and relax me for a good night's sleep. I try to meditate daily if I can and even a few extra moments here and there have been helpful.
Suly Q.
I meditate in the morning and in the evening. The first thing I do in the morning, after drinking some water and stretching out the kinks, is meditate for at least 10 minutes. This allows me to get a sense of how I’m feeling that day and where I want to focus my energy, and it puts me in a positive mood. I meditate in the evening partly as a way to unwind and to recenter myself, which is especially helpful when work has been stressful.
Wallace X.
Being a part stay at home mom and part time waitress, I do it whenever I can have total complete focus on myself. Trying to set a certain time aside doesn’t work out all the time. I give my self an “time frame” and work it’s around all my other errands but I complete my commitment to myself by making sure that I DO IT.
Victoria N.
I meditate at night. I’m usually too groggy in the morning and meditating at night helps me relax and get ready for bed.