Is meditating right after waking up worth it? I feel like you’re too sleepy to concentrate

Angie P.
Yes. I am often anxious when I first wake up because I am thinking of my long to do list for the day. I enjoy coming to my meditation spot and turning on my Happy Light. Then I read my devotions and spend time in meditation. I am then ready to start my day with confidence.
Felicity C.
No I don’t think so. Meditation is better at the end of the day to relieve stress and calm you for sleep. But unless you have a stressful job or get anxiety for school in the mornings I do not believe it is worth it.
Kathy P.
Understandable. In my case, my brain is too active in making its to-do list to concentrate. But because of that, I sit down and try to focus on letting go. Idk if it’s working since I just started meditating.