Where do you meditate? Is there a certain time of day you find that works best to meditate?

Maurice U.
I enjoy meditating in bed just before going to sleep. It calms me.

I also enjoy meditating at the end of a yoga session.

Lison Y.
I meditate in bed or in my sofa, just before bedtime. I have a very stressful workscheldue with high concentration work. I find the bedtime meditation sessions to be comforting and relaxing for my brain and my soul. I sleep much better when I meditate.
Nanci Q.
When you're sure no one would disturb you is usually the best time to meditate. People also take into account what vibe they are feeling in th Surroundings before meditation. For instance the waking up at 4am to meditate ritual exists cause of the quiet brainwaves of rem sleep state around us. It's peaceful, makes sure no one will be noisy or rowdy at this time (well usually). To just sit quietly at this hour and sense the freshness in the air and silence, in itself is rejuvenating. However, that's just another tool to help us meditate better. You can meditate whenever you wish to. The key is different for every lock but the treasure remains the same. Failing to find the right key may just be the result of an inhibition residing in you, from letting yourself be. It's like putting yourself unarmed and unclothed on a giant platter amidst all possible natural and man made threats, together, posing like the serene monk who is unwavering. It's important to feel the monk's strength and determination, in imagery. Thereafter implying that same sense for the image of self when it gets created being just as calm within.
Deann F.
I do it on my own bed. For me it works better to do it first thing in the morning. What I’d do is wake up be grateful for a new day. Stretch, make my bed, lay down on my bed, and choose something I want to meditate about. Or if there’s something specific on my mind, I’d do a meditation related to that.
Zenaide Y.
I meditate as soon as i wake up for 15 minutes, then i have another session at noon. I medidate wherever i can find, even in my car.
Lucas O.
I work in an office that has a wellness room. Essentially a 8×8 ft room with a lock.
I'm not a morning person so I find I do best at lunch. Find it breaks up/slows down the day.
Karen F.
I meditate sitting on the ground on a pillow in my room. I used to meditate at night but that was more to help me relax and fall asleep. Eventually I didn't get through a whole meditation without falling asleep 🙂 now I'm trying to meditate in the morning to start the day with a sense of calm.
Amanda P.
I really recommend meditating in the morning; after a workout or first thing when you wake up. What that does is immediately sets your mind into a state of calmness and rids any toxic emotions so you can begin your day with peace that can be carried out throughout the rest of the day.
Kirk Q.
In my bedroom when I first wake up around 6:30. I do my morning routine and right after bring my dogs in from outside I meditate in my bedroom either on a chair or cross legged on the floor. A great way to start my day with a clear state of mind.
Lilou S.
When I wake up or when I go to sleep is when I find the most peace, so that works best for me. Find time when you have no distractions and meditation will be best.
Jacob G.
I meditate when I am in my bed 🛏 at night 🌙 sleeping 😴. I always find at night 🌙 when I am sleeping 😴 works best for me and in the evening when I am winding down for the day ☀️.
Sharon F.
Look bro i usually mediate in my bedroom with no lights. After i wake up and before i go to sleep works best for me and it is so relaxing..try it!
Hans Otto N.
I usually sit on the couch to meditate and look out the window. I do better if I do it in the morning but today I meditated at bedtime
Emily Z.
I prefer to do it in the morning so I can feel the effect of it all day. It also prevents me from skipping it because I'm to tiered at night.
Mathilde E.
I usually meditate in my room. For me the best time is early morning when the rest of the family is sleeping and nobody disturb me.
Short meditation in the evening before go to bed is also good
Helge A.
I try to meditate anywhere. I’ve started using breathing anytime I feel overwhelmed with emotions, especially negative ones. I’m learning not to dwell long because the longer it takes to recognize a pattern, the longer the hold to stay complacent is. If I have an extra minute or 2 I open my app and start breathing. Try guided meditations, there’s 2 mins breathing exercises. And deep state. There’s something for everyone. I use BREETHE.
Christian P.
I ave a room that’s just for meditating; my living room. It has thick carpets and a shrine, and nothing else. I meditate right after I get up with a cup of green tea and right before bed with a cup of herbal tea. In the mornings I meditate longer than in the evenings (15-45mins in the morning vs 5-15mins at night)
Adri O E.
In my private bedroom I don't close my door but very quiet and no one present with lights closed. Early in morning is best.