How long did it take you to get the Act of Meditation correct, I find myself thinking about other stuff and I have to concentrate hard and mediation is a little strange and I am not finding it easy to relax.Have you got any tips on how to change this?

Tos X.
I think you shouldn’t worry about it now too much as it will come with time. Of course it is strange! Sitting and doing nothing in fast moving world is super unusual but I noticed that the more I give time and the more serious I am about meditation, the less strange and uncomfortable I feel! My advice is keep practicing, and if thoughts arise during the practice, let them be!
Chloe Q.
I’m not an expert yet in meditation. But, I keep practicing it to get better. I actually do it every night before I sleep because that is the only time that I get to release all stress and tension from my mind and body. And I think meditation works better if your mind is clear, your environment is noise and clutter free, and your body is relaxed.
Isaac Y.
I haven't conquered that myself yet! I still have thoughts coming into my mind distracting me as I meditate. However I tend to give myself a shake to knock the thought away an it usually works and then I refocus😁🤗🧚‍♀️💜💫🌈
Cheryl T.
It took me a little bit to get it done but ive always used meditation with deepak chopra try it really relaxing and find a quiet spot thats comfortable for you when you do
Charlie J.
It is a constant where am I?
Concéntrate in the things that are happen in this moment which is the meditation, let it trough that toughs and focus
Lilou O.
Yes try to find a peaceful place somewhere quite, I myself go on the Spotify app and I listin to relaxation. Look for some apps let me know if I can help farter
Sydney R.
I like thinking of passing thoughts as cars passing by like if you were standing my the highway. You acknowledge them but then let them go. I still haven't quite mastered how to let go of important thoughts like stuff I've forgotten. Instead of trying not to forget them through the meditation, I stop, write it down and then come back. Maybe it'll eventually get to the point where those thoughts won't come up during meditation