Is anyone able to meditate while driving without getting drowsy? What types of meditation would you suggest?

David F.
When I’m driving I usually just do deep breathing if I feel like I need to relax..but I’ve never used full meditation while driving 😅 the closest I come to it is just really focusing and being in the present moment
Trudi S.
To meditate is to remove oneself from all distractions and to focus entirely inwards, seeking an inner silence or calm.
Can't advise removing yourself from the "distraction" of driving a vehicle you are inside of.
Yilmaz A.
Thank you for your question. The Fabulous app has a few under 10 minute guided meditations. I would recommend the child and the sage, dismantling walls, valuing being present and gateway to presence. However, driving takes plenty of focus and maneuvering so I wouldn’t recommend meditation while driving and/or operating any vehicle. Thank you for letting me share.
Frederik U.
First of all thank you for your question. I wouldn’t recommend meditation while driving. I’m not an expert in meditation however I do find myself drifting off into a deep focus within my meditation that doesn’t allow for me to do something such as operating a vehicle. There may be a distraction such as a voice or sounds maybe even thoughts that come into short view of meditation but it doesn’t stay there long enough. My suggestion would be to intentionally sit with a guided meditation for 3 mins twice a day once in the morning before your day starts and again before bed. Do this for @least 60 days no interruptions just 3 mins of meditation to create your meditation habit. Thank you for letting me share.
Ashley J.
I don't think deep meditation is possible while driving but listening to a guided affirmation video to enhance positive thinking would be good for car rides.
Alysha P.
Meditative stories help me drive and meditate on my commute. This is more of a visual mediation that guides you with sounds, story, and your imagination. I find it very calming and it keeps my brain from jumping around to what ifs about work as I drive.
Pola X.
When you are driving you should be doing only that. Meditating is for when you are not operating 3 tons of iron and can kill people…??!
Najee O.
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