How do you deal with the chaos in your mind that keeps you from being more regular with meditating?

Ang Le Z.
I tell myself that whatever it is that is bothering me can wait. I temporarily pass the issue off to the universe to deal with and I am able to clear my mind and relax
Am Ncio Q.
I try to remind myself that the more I meditate, the less chaos there will be. I’ve also added it to my morning routine now, so I do it because I wouldn’t want to break the streak. And as it’s a relatively new habit I’m trying to establish, I actually add it to my to-do’s separately from my morning routine. So now matter what my plan for the day looks like it always starts with a 20-minute meditation. This has helped me think of it as something important that can’t be skipped I think.
Carole A.
Hm. Rather than fighting the chaos, it’s better to just accept it. The jumble of endless, scattered thoughts that just won’t leave your mind. Meditate even when you know that emptying the mind is not feasible, making the goal rather to calm the mind and body, and maintain the habit of daily meditation.
Riley Z.
Don't want to sound like a shill, but I recommend waking up with Sam Harris app, it helps me. Or using any number of apps that guide you through techniques to help with this, some of the make me fabulous might help.
Jackson F.
I accept myself when I can’t find the time or the space to meditate. Though I try to meditate every day, sometimes it doesn’t happen and that’s frequently out of my control. Realizing that missing one day doesn’t mean you have totally fallen off the wagon is what gets me through tough days.
Jen C.
It’s all about being consistent. Doing the small steps rather than huge steps trying to change your life.
It’s important to just keep doing your meditation daily and you will feel the change in your life.
Good luck!
Karla C.
Meditation is a practice.. not a skill. So long as you give yourself the time and space to sit with your mind, you are practicing. Starting is the hardest part sometimes. But don’t let your perfectionism keep you from just starting. Even a few deep breaths is better than letting busyness defeat you. Five minutes to set all distractions aside is a great start. It’s not about “getting it right.” It’s about intentionally sitting with your breath.
Frederick Q.
The more you “practice” meditation the more likely your mind is to quiet. Sone days it does, others not so much so. I just do my best and am kind when my mind is too busy.
Ana Y.
I would like to know… keep trying I guess, focussing on your breathing again everytime you get lost in the chaos, practise will make it easier over time
Jar T.
I am working towards calming the mind. Stepping back and being present. Taking a moment to breathe and re center. I have a lot going on, but to take things one step at a time makes it all possible. Take one small step at a time and I can achieve all
Mirco T.
I make it a point to meditate every single morning before I start my daily routine. I think there’s a misconception on how to properly meditate but it works for me to do it while laying in bed in that in btw sleeping/ awake stage.
Sean U.
You have to let the chaos thoughts come and then go just as easily. Tell yourself that this is only for 5-10 min of my 24 hour day. Refocus on your breath and just keep ur focus there. Your mind will start to fade the chaos away. Closing your eyes helps keep the thoughts less chaotic too. Good luck!!!
Louise O.
I realy try to squeeze in at least 5 min of meditation in the morning. Even if my mind wanders its ok, I have tried. Fabulous helps me stay accountable to do it (almost) each day. See it as 5 mins of investing in yourself to calm down the chaos. I believe you can do it 🙂
Cecilie Z.
Identifying brain weed
Note the getting caught up in thinking and know this: 1: everything changes all the time. 2: be curious 3: try not to identify with the thinking or feeling 4: try and note the underlying emotion beneath the thinking or feeling.
5: be kind
Ma Lyne A.
I have to force myself to try to relax my mind during those sessions. It's really hard as my mind is racing with thoughts of everything that could go wrong. Things that went wrong yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, a year ago. Anxiety is ruling my life and I am trying so hard to not let it anymore.
Leslie Z.
Some days I forget about meditating, but when I see that I need meditation because of some situations, instead of Fabulous meditation sometimes I have my own meditations, like talking with myself about it, trying to solve problems that I have in my mind. I think that meditation should be a part of the day because it helps to do other things.
Rosa S.
You gotta see the chaos in your mind as traffic, during meditation your goal is to be on the side of the road, just watching the traffic go by. If you see a thought that alarms you you might want to chase it but just let it past. It's better to be on the side of the road. I learned this from the app Headspace. It's the best I've found for meditation 🙂
Elmer F.
I need to remind myself that I always have 5 min for something good. 5 min is not a big commitment. I just need to do it.
Bertram Z.
The chaos gets a little easier to deal with as time goes by. In the meantime, my strategy is to set aside a specific time to mediate and adhere to that schedule. Easy in theory, but it takes practice.
Milton E.
This is exactly what meditation helps with!! 🙂 (I use headspace.con, and highly recommend.)
To get into it though, try any means necessary: do it with a friend, step away from the computer or even outside, …
I do it first thing in the morning, which also helps doing it more regularly 🙂
Marin S.
Chaos steals! When you are pulled in so many directions, you cannot get anywhere! Learning how to even for a short second to control that chaos clears the way to get you in a direction, any direction that moves you forward…as you get “better” with meditation, you begin to really see the right direction you need to be going. Holy Hannah? Did that just come out of me? 🙂
Annelore S.
I'm the exact same way, I found if I press my right palm firmly against my upper left ribs, by my heart,I can better focus in. The pressure, feeling your heartbeat, and following your breathe is enough concentration to center my mind and slow it down 🙂
Amalie Z.
Meditation doesnt happen overnight. Its normal for our mind to be chaotic. The main thing thats required is to show up everyday. Just try it for 5min each day. Download a timer app and try and focus on your breath or something.

Its ok if you only concious of your breath just once during a session. That one moment makes your awareness just a little bit stronger, and its also one momentnof relief from the chaos. A tiny bit of awareness once a day will add up over a month, and you'll eventually have more moments of awareness. And eventually after a few months you will find these sessions really relieving.