Where do you meditate during the day when it’s tough to find a quiet place or you are out in public?

Scm N.
i , usually meditate in my room and sometimes i can hear the tv from the living room or my parents and brother talking while i'm doing my meditation , the key is to just make yourself comfortable sit down relax and focus on the meditation , the noises and everything else will be less distraction as soon you just concentrate in your breathing and meditate
Victor X.
I meditate sometimes while working. Focusing completely on deep breathing through my nose and cultivate each breath by counting one mor second for each breath in and out. When one breath reaches the amount of time of one minute I am done. In this way I can meditate through anything.
Zac F.
In public I usually meditate on the train because n work days I don't usually have time to meditate in the morning. I have noise cancelling earphones so besides the swaying in the train I can meditate if I get a seat
Jai J.
I mostly meditate at work on my breaks. And we don't really have a proper break area, so I just pick a spot in the outside smoking area. Meditation is about learning to focus on yourself despite distractions so it's really something you just get more used to the more you do it. At worst headphones with a guided track/music or a more quiet area.
Maria G.
Good question since unfortunately I do not meditate in such circumstances. I try to find a quiet place, close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing
Christian Z.
I usually meditate at home in the morning or before sleep. If I can't do it I just medidate listening with my phone to a guided meditation any place as the public transport on the way to work.
Leeloo W.
Lunch Time. When everyone is leaving to go eatz I take a few minutes to myself. Office is quieter and 10mn doesn't take too much of my lunch time
Jess Z.
I meditate on my car. But honestly I choose meditation times I know I can set aside just for myself. I'm not often in this predicament. A friend always carries noise cancelling headphones because her day is more erratic in terms of scheduling and she finds that helps her get her meditation in no matter what.
Glenda O.
If it is hard to find a spot during the day, headphones that are good at immersion or noise canceling work and meditation can be anywhere as you don’t have to lie down, you can sit up and do it but make sure your back is straight