Which place and time is best for meditation? How long should we meditate and how many times a day?

M Tio S.
That is a really rough question to answer, as meditation is a very individual practice. My personal preference is meditating in the morning as early as possible and somewhere comfortable. I like to lay down to meditate, but most people prefer sitting with the legs crossed and back straight. I recommend reading the book “Wherever You Go There You Are.” It’s really changed how I approach and understand meditation. As for time, I recommend starting small – maybe with 2-3 minutes, increasing your time as you feel comfortable and gain experience with the practice. Pushing too hard at first can be discouraging and ineffective. How long you decide to go once you’re comfortable with the practice is totally up to you. My personal preference is not to exceed 20 minutes. I hope that helps!! 🙂
Ruben C.
Place in your bedroom best practiced in morning and evening. Could be 8 minutes to 3 minutes during the day. Best 2 times a day.
Silke Z.
I don't think numbers are important for meditation. As long as you need it you can do it. And also the best time and the best place is about you. For example i am a usually meditate at nights because it is help me to sleep. But sometimes if i need to focus i meditate at mornings as well. İ think best place is the quite place because it will help you to focus. Acording to me the most important think is meditate continious. And make it a habit
Pedro J.
I enjoy meditating first thing in morning as part of my routine. It sets me for the day. I try to side aset 10-20 minutes each time. In the evenings when I want to slow down I try to go for another 10 minute round of meditation.
Albert C.
You can meditate any where and at any time. Many people will meditate in the morning to get in the right frame of mind for the day. At lunch for a pick me up. Or at night for better sleep. The
Possibilities are endless.
Cory Y.
For myself morning is the best time to meditate and at the same time every day. However I have also meditated in the afternoon and evening depending on my particular needs and time for that day. What I have noticed is that it doesn't necessarily matter when I do it as much as it matters if I do it at all. The time between my last session comes to matter most of all and directly effects the benefits and whether it is easier or more difficult to get into. The duration as well depends on if I am doing a guided meditation or not. The experience is the most important of all. Stay Fabulous and don't be afraid to be open to the experience of finding what works best for you. Embrace the challenges and experiences.
Filipe Q.
It does not matter where but ideally it should be the same place made special. A corner of a room with objects that signify meditation for your brain like a candle, Buddha ornament, flower etc. You could use oils or incense. The shortest you should meditate is 5 minutes and up to 30 mins once or twice a day. Preferably morning upon waking to set u up for the day and evening to prepare you for good quality sleep and reflect on the day!🤩
Falk I.
Best place and time depends on the person. A place which is most comfortable for you and a time where you can dedicate at least 10 minutes. One should meditate as often as necessary especially when feeling anxious or need to clear your mind.
Neila Q.
Well it kind of depends on your schedule, but I would at least do it in the mornings and at night before bed. If you can find a small space on the floor of your room to meditate. Make it your meditation corner. If you meditate in the morning do it before anybody else wakes up. Just remember it’s you time to be with you, it’s not about anybody else.
Alexander A.
Every morning for 10-20 minutes, in a dedicated spot for your meditation, where there are no distractions. You can also add an extra meditation at night time, before going to bed. Or a short one during the day, as a middag reset.