I’m good at doing my meditation habit every day but would like to get in the habit of doing it first thing in the morning. I always seem to put it off until the afternoon. How do you make it an automatic part of your morning ritual?

Casara P.
I have the same goal. It needs to become something you associate with waking up, I think. For me, I try to meditate for 20 min or so… but that’s hard to associate with waking up because there’s always so much I want to do and I just want to get to it. So I take baby steps. I still do my 20 min meditation in the afternoon, but I also do a very short meditation when I wake up, so I’m building the association, but also giving myself a small goal that I can accomplish every morning. It’s like 5-7 min and way easier to say the world can wait for like 5 min. I can make it shorter if I need to too, but I just make sure I do SOMETHING when I wake up. It’s working for me now, so I recommend it.
Evelyn N.
Honestly this is something I struggle with as well. I normally meditate at night and I think it would be better if I meditated in the morning but it’s tough because…wake up times, call times, needing to start my day or go outside right away. I hope one day I can have a meditation practice in the morning every day. But for now I will settle on just trying to meditate every day.
Wyatt N.
I really think constant reminders are a big part of sticking to a schedule, setting multiple alerts and asking someone else to hold you accountable and remind you. If nothing else, the sheer annoyance will get to you until you make it a habit haha! Remember not to get mad at yourself for not doing it in the morning; that will only discourage you. Instead, focus on positive goal-setting and encouragement to ensure you’ll get it next time. It’s a bit like training a puppy, and it works! 🙂
Alexis K.
I meditate first thing. I wake up, shower and then return to my "meditation" space and do that before anything else. I try to do it before I start my day or I will put it off because I will get caught up in other things
Brenda R.
I allow myself grace if I don’t get it done at the exact time I scheduled it. Incorporating it in to the tasks of my morning routine have made it easier
Valerie C.
You seem like a BOT.
If you're real, dude just meditate while you brush your teeth or something.
Meditation is anything mindfully done. Not just "breathing."
Jan R.
Make it the first thing you do after waking up. Do it in bed. In the laying down position. Repeat this action for 21 days and you will create a habit in your brain
Clarissa E.
Something I try and do is incorporate it into my morning routine by doing it while doing something else, like eating breakfast or while commuting to work. Another thing that can help is exploring different forms of meditation, since there are multiple varieties that can be used in different ways. For example, mindfulness can be done anytime and anywhere, without needing to be guided by a person. It simply involves paying attention to your surroundings, and mindfully existing, focusing on your physical senses. That’s just one possible way to do it, and it can even be done in bed before you get up for the day 🙂
Kasper F.
A lot has to do with what state you wake in if it’s to complete takes those will be the first thing the body start with if it’s to wake then that’s what the body will follow. What can be done is to set as part of waking to meditate 1 min then increase per day.
Caitlin W.
I get up drink my coffee and do it right after. It starts my day off better. Just make it a routine and say you’re doing after whatever you do that morning
Charlotte I.
I would firstly ask yourself why you feel you have to do it in the morning and if its realistic to do it then.
Secondly, depending on that answer i would consciously set time aside. If it is in the morning – put alarm on for 10-15mins earlier. If its in the afternoon or evening set an alarm to remind yourself. That way it gets you into a routine which will then become a habit.
Mabel W.
I use a meditation app on my phone. As soon as I wake up, I put my meditation app on (even while I’m still in bed). I got into the habit of as soon as I turn my alarm off, I go into my phone and do my meditation. Don’t be upset with yourself if you don’t do your meditation right away everyday or when things get hectic. It’s better to do it later in the day than none at all. You can always try again the next day.
Kellie G.
I add it to my morning rituals and try to wake up 30 minutes earlier so I have plenty of time and I’m not feeling rushed
Keitlyn C.
I go to sleep with my phone and watch right next to me. So when my alarm goes off I go to my phone go on ribbit (which is a to-do list app) and my first thing is water then brush teeth then get ready for meditation/yoga and my workout and so on. What I'm trying to say is that have a to-do list and it will keep you on tract.
Toby U.
I use the headspace app and it’s the first thing I do when I get out of bed after drinking a glass of water. Hard to make an excuse when it’s the first thing you do.
Jay W.
I add meditation to my morning routine. Pretty much first thing when I wake up.

As soon as I wake up I use the bathroom, Drink a glass of water, then 10-20 mins of meditation.

I highly recommend doing it in the morning, as it will prepare your mind for the day ahead.

Try using the "Waking Up" meditation app. I love it!