How do you approach your life?

Jonathan Mortensen
I have meaningful relationships with all my friends and family. I approach my days with intention and enjoy the work that I do. I strive to find balance between home and work. I am happy.

Glen Gregory
Με χιούμορ! Οκ, καλά προσπαθώ να βελτιώνονται και να εφαρμόζω καλές σηνηθειες. Το βασικό είναι να με αγαπάω με τις αδυναμίες μου. Αγαπώ τον Αντωνάκη και την Ανθούλα, κάτι μέσα μου πιστεύει ότι κάπως αλλιώς είχα ονειρευτεί τη ζωή μου. Δεν ξέρω αν το έχω αποδεχτεί πλήρως. Αλλά σιγά σιγά βελτιώνω τη ζωή μου, κάθε ημέρα.

Louise Bennett
I try to be organized but still flexible. I try to set priorities and stick with them, letting less important things go when time constrains or people need me. First and foremost I try to make sure that my goals conform to Heavenly Father's will for my life.

Ulrico Teixeira
With love, excitement, ups and downs, ambition, surrender, and acceptance. I like to let it flow, to listen to what the deeper consciousness knows and to change with life, to envision my best self and enjoy the process as I get there. The moments in between. Clarity and presence. The joy of creativity and contribution.

Kenneth Martinez
I do this a few ways learned over long stretches of trial and error. If this note were to help anyone shorten that learning curve more power to them.

1. The choices I make empower me -small choices work well when I was not used to considering what meant the most to me in terms of consequences of those choices.

3. A choice made is not carved in stone.

4. If I am not good in my own skin I cannot be of assistance to anyone else.

5. Live by example

6.practice positivity and along with that practice – let some very negative people, who did not serve me well, go one without me.

7. I’m learning that routine means less opportunity to give myself a hard time!

Ottilie Koslowski
I take life one day at a time. I try not to worry too much about the future, things I cvany control. I pray and trust in God’s plan for me, even when I don’t particularly like it. I try to be as positive as a depressed person can be, keeping busy helps and also creates a sense of accomplishment.

Marvin Black
I always take a positive outlook. I have a morning routine. Drink water, do 10 half star jumps 10 min Tai chi yoga routine have healthy breakfast, wash and positive affirmation. I make the best out of every situation.

Tabita Benali
With an attempt to make it the fullest and meaningfully affect others lives. To be remembered by if only chastely.

Käthi Grenz
I am questioning how I approach life, I feel that my approach needs to change. I want to spend more time learning and making conscious decisions instead of being on autopilot. I am working on being present and appreciating the good things in my life. My approach is a work in progress.

Arigje Schurer
Pragmatic, I need to learn tools and techniques in order to believe those action will allow me to enjoy life

Mason Andrews
I’m working on being grateful every day and that has changed how I approach life. I plan less, rejoice in the small things so I’m much happier.

Terry Gonzales
With accepting things as they are in the moment and understanding that's the way they are supposed to be in that moment patience and tolerance for all and a keen ability to listen.

Norma Hampe
I try to think about my life as a never-ending learning and improvement process. As long as I am learning new things every day, and becoming a better person every day, I feel happy. Since it is a continuous process, it is difficult some times to set realistic goals. I am working on that.