Is it better to listen to something or have pure silence during meditation?

Mary Jane B.
I like having ambient music because it helps slow my thinking and just is so soothing to the brain, making your goal during meditation more accessible because you are in a calm state.
Emily G.
I prefer having silence. But it doesn't have to be pure, just accept all the different stuff you hear and let it be part of your meditation. Follow me on instagram if you want, @sandipalmi, so I could give you more tips and we could talk a bit together 😁😊
Marco X.
I prefer to have some kind of calming music playing or just nature sounds. I get distracted very easily so if it's pure silence then I find my mind drifting off easier and I get ansy, I'm very picky about guided meditation but I do enjoy light, calming sounds or natural nature sounds best.
Linda N.
I would start by listening to soft music or have a guided meditation. Once you get used to that try doing silent meditation but, it may not be for you
Tais S.
Hey there 🙂
In my opinion, you can take the best from your meditating both ways. Silence, however, has become something that we generally tend to avoid, when really it is something precious and great. Personally, I really enjoy just being there and focusing on my energy without any music. But that's not the only way! If you'd rather have some sound around, I suggest you put on some calming nature sounds. Music as we usually intend it (guitar, voice ecc) is not proper for meditating. It makes it extremely hard to focus on yourself. Calming nature sounds is a good compromise. I meditate twice a day: in the morning I listen to nature sounds and in the evening I enjoy the silence.
Now, again, this is my opinion.
Bye Stranger, I wish you a great day ☀️❤️
Weirdo C.
Meditation is a personal thing. It's whatever works for you and whatever makes you happy! I really like listening to a guided mediation because I like sound. Silence makes me uncomfortable. So whatever works for you, do it
Claire O.
I’d say it depends on how your mind works. For me personally, I find that it’s really easy for me to get distracted with something else, especially if I hear something in the background that I can latch on to. When it’s quiet, I have an easier time focusing on a single thing. However, for some people, having some soothing sounds playing in the background can help them focus more, because silence might give them too much room to think. I’d say try out both, and pay attention to how much your mind wanders during one in comparison to the other. I’d also recommend trying out different background noises (try soft (and probably wordless) music one time, nature sounds another, etc.) if you think that might be the way for you to go.