When did you start your meditation practice?

Angelica N.
I started to meditate about two years ago but it took shape and i got very into it only in the past year . I am doing it regularly; mainly in the morning. Such practice also change my daily habits: i started to wake up very early and enjoy the early hours of the day.
Shanna B.
I started a couple of years ago; however, I'm still not very good at keeping up with my practice. I am hoping to do better with this new year.
Ethan J.
Two years ago with headspace app. Have not always been able to keep a good streak, but I always regret my lack of discipline the moment I get back to meditating and I feel how much I need it in my day
Brooke N.
I’m very new to meditation. Only a few weeks (about 3 1/2) into it. I’m still using apps that guide me through my meditation journey.
Jacob W.
I started meditating 8 years ago. I started with small increments of time (3 mins or so). It took a while for me to be able to feel like I was doing more than just trying to not think, but even when it did feel that way I noticed my mood was improving. Nowadays, it’s usually very easy for me to quiet my mind and I usually spend 15-30 minutes in meditation every morning. Not always though, but I find that even taking 5 minutes seems to help. I usually like to read something first and meditate on a word or phrase that stick out to me.
Sarah J.
I started Sunday night. I find that the meditation helps me to relax and go to sleep. Although when I’m not working I like to do it in the morning so I have focus for the rest of the day because my attention does wander. I also use the deep work timers in the make me fabulous for days like that. Hope that helps
Vlado Y.
I’ve done it off and on for years but I’m trying to be intentionally in doing it every day in the morning now. I just started this January 3. I do it right after I wake up, drink water, and take medication. It’s very important to me so I do it early in my morning routine so I don’t start rushing to get to work and cut it out. I’m also trying to get up earlier each day so I can do all the things that are important to me. I’m trying to get up 10-15 minutes earlier each day until I consistently wake up at 4 am.
Darren W.
I make use of the calm app. I used to do intermittently but with fabulous challenges have been doing everyday for 10-15 mins and really helps.
Nichole Y.
About two and a half years ago I became interested in meditation. I asked a trusted mentor how you become good at meditation? The response was, “you’ll be practicing meditation till you pass” meaning there is no perfect way! It is a spiritual/self improvement journey I should ALWAYS continue practicing