What should you do if you lose your way back to your body when meditating?

Faith O.
Meditation can seem like you get lost in yourself. When you have fear and doubts, then you don’t let yourself go. Meditation should be peaceful, filled with love and gratitude as well. Feeling like your falling or body tingling, and sometimes you feel like you are vibrating. It is scary, don’t worry. I isn’t your job to worry, your subconscious is working on connecting with consciousness, and your body acts differently. It’s not bad. When I experienced this, when I got done meditating the whole world felt like it was spinning, and my vision was different. I could see the world differently. Startled and exciting, I learned it was normal. I now get disappointed in myself if I don’t feel like the world is different when I open my eyes. Don’t quit, keep going. It is an amazing journey!
Marlene W.
Is this a fear or an actual experience? I'm a 20 year plus meditator and haven't lost my way yet. If you feel like you have had or are having an out of body experience 2 things should bring you back to your body…your fear and/or your intention.
The T.
i can’t give you a solid answer as this happens to me very often as well, but whenever it does, i tend to block out all other thoughts and try to refocus my attention on either my breath, or the music that i’m meditating to
Arabelia O.
Breathe, listen to your breathing and bring yourself back. It’s okay to lose your way back to your body, but if you catch yourself doing so, just listen to your breathing slowly.