What type of meditation do you find most efficient for reducing anxiety?

Malle T.
I prefer to look for guided meditations for anxiety on Youtube and try several until I find one I feel comfortable with 🙂
Jennifer P.
SANVELLO was the first meditation app I used. It used CBT for processing. Encountering peace is a guided Christian meditation that I use daily.
Federico O.
Mediation for sleeping. That's the most relaxing and powerful meditation for me. More often than not, a status of anxiety arises from our body language. Relaxing the entire body is the key for me to tackle anxiety.
Oumaima N.
Breathing meditation is the best one that works for me. I do metidation which includes a lot of breathing in and out, breathing deep.
Wade J.
I like to meditate in a quiet environment and breath, close my eyes and let all my worries go away. The type of meditation I use to reduce anxiety is the mindfulness meditation.😊😊
Nadine I.
Any is better than none but If really in meltdown mode a highly structured body scan helps to get me out of my head and into my body.

I get bored easily so the variety on insight timer (free app) really helps me. It took me a while to be ready for non guided but that’s okay. Meditation is a muscle you have got to build your skills.