How do you manage to concentrate and not be disturbed by noise and other thoughts while meditating?

Anne Wil Q.
Notice that you hear sounds and notice how that makes you feel. Do not judge or get frustrated, but just notice it and bring your attention back to your inner-self or your breath.
Alexander C.
I acknowledge the thought and release it. Like a river I just let it flow by. Then I will get back to focusing on feeling rather than focus on clearing my thoughts. I focus internally to be guided by my higher self. I also enjoy focusing on external things like the breeze and sunlight and the feeling of gratitude that follows.
Meg C.
Sometimes I am still bothered by some noise and what I do is just note it and try to push through. I have been thinking of getting noise cancelling headphones.
Ana Y.
By focusing on your breath. Actually, the whole secret of meditation is your breathing. You don't have to not think, not pay attention to other things, not get distracted… You just have to focus, think pay attention to your breath.