What if when I meditate and can’t sit still and end up cutting it short? Then what do I do?

Annabelle Y.
Try laying down when meditating. That way you’ll tend to be more relaxed and won’t escape the purpose of meditating. If you still end up cutting your meditating session short, then you should not reprimand yourself of not accomplishing what you wanted. Drifting away is completely normal. Maybe there is something on your mind, something that is bothering you? You could consider dealing with that first, then try again meditating. In my opinion, I am way more concentrated when meditating at night while laying down.
Alexandra S.
Thanks for the question! I recommend trying your best to sit through the whole meditation. I often am troubled with this problem as well. Although it can be hard, try to relax your mind that way you won’t have the intention of cutting the meditation short. You can also use shorter guided meditation to help. In case that you do end quicker than anticipated, that’s perfectly fine as well. Just try your best to sit through the whole thing. I hope this helps!
Jake C.
I think that if this is the case, you should definitely try meditating by lying down on a bed or a couch. That way it is also easier to rest your hands on your stomach and therefore focusing on your breathing. 😊
Zahra N.
Practise to have no thoughts when you are meditating as it will help you to be more concentrated and you won't be moving that much in your meditation ✨😊
Jovelino F.
Be proud of yourself for choosing to take time out of your day no matter how long. If you find the meditation time you're setting doesn't work for you consider reducing how long you meditate for, or where or how you're meditating. It's a practice and it's individual, don't be discouraged if the practice you envisioned is not the one your body and mind are seeking. Instead listen to them and flow with what they're saying to you.