Have you found a way to integrate visualisation and mediation? Or is it two incompatible practises that can’t be combined ?

Suzanne N.
I experience a lot of stray thoughts when I meditate. I’ve found that the most successful way to incorporate visualization when meditating for me is to imagine physically putting every stray thought into a little square box, closing up that box, and then throwing the box into the distance until it disappears. It really helps me let go of intrusive thoughts much easier while meditating, or even just while trying to be present throughout the day.
Amber G.
If I were to be honest at this point I dont know if I fully understand the question. I know if I can visualize my goals and meditate the small steps to get to the bigger picture of the goal I can feel less overwhelmed from the goal I have set out to do. But I have to start small when it comes to change or I will burn out quick and just stop all together and I've done this since I can remember and so small steps and small goals have helped me more motivated this far. Hope I answered the question.
Jennifer C.
I definitely haven’t perfected it yet, but I have found so far that meditating and grounding myself in the moment first and then relaxing into visualization seems to work better. This takes more time than I have some times.