What is the best time to meditate?

August Jørgensen
I like to meditate in the morning because it gets me ready for the day, but I also enjoy meditating right before I go to bed. I feel that this practice prepares me and my mind to slow down and relax.

Lea Larsen
The afternoon, It helps de-stress after a long day. Sometimes I'm already stressed in the morning though and will do it than to prepare myself. I also do special meditations for sleep (for my insomnia) at night about every 3 nights (enough to keep it under control, but not too often that I become used to it and therefore it loses its effect).

Lilian Legrand
Meditation seems to be best right before bed. I began meditating to help with my sleep concerns. While meditating any time helps improve my sense of wellbeing, it has the most effect on my rest right before bed. I can sit up in bed after reflecting and writing down my daily gratitude. Then, I can use a pillow as a meditation cushion and complete my evening routine with a short meditation.

Jack Slawa
In the morning for me. After I've fully woken up and had drunk my water (and tea if needed that day), I write down all my important information and tasks for the day on an index card. Now I have cleared my head and with this, I meditate.

Maélie David
I like to meditate in the morning, it helps to set the tone for the day. And a quick 10-15 minute meditation at night can help calm the stress of the day and aid in restful sleep too.

Ronja Rantanen
It's the morning for me. I start the day calm and focussed. My thinking seems more clear after I meditate. I incorporate it into my morning routine so it becomes a habit

Mirko Meunier
When you are able. I try to do it first thing in the morning when my mind is still calm. It can also be a good way to calm your mind during other parts of the day.

Orandino Ribeiro
Honestly, for me, both Morning and Night are perfect times to meditate, and for different reasons. Morning, for preparation for the day, and Night, for restoration from the day's stresses.

حامد کامروا
The best time to meditate iswhen you can put aside time for yourself to be alone.

Mads Poulsen
1. The moment your eyes open. Command the day. See how it will play out. 2. During the day see your goals accomplished. 3. Be in touch with your body. Check In, mind your thoughts, be aware. 4. Before you sleep ask a question. Reflect, smile and see a great night and day! So the short answer is anytime or all of the time.

Cecilie Poulsen
I think the morning is a great time to meditate in order to start the day off clear minded and energized.

Emmy Picard
Morning is the best time to meditate when trying to develop a consistent meditation habit. I also like to meditate early afternoon during midday energy slump. I find napping difficult due to medications. Instead, I use this time to meditate and often go more deeply.

محمدعلی كامياران
The morning. It allows you to start off the day by centering yourself and bring awareness to the things you need to all day.

Gabriella Ruiz
Well, I think the best time is in the afternoon. It's the time where most of my bad thoughts pop up, so it's really helpful to take some time rest and clear out my thoughts!

Ask Raknes
My preference is to meditate just before bed. It allows me to help focus on my body and the tiredness I’m feeling and help control my anxiety and rushing thoughts

سهیل کوتی
I prefer meditating in the morning before the start of the day. It’s a great way to get your head in the right space while at the same time preparing to tackle whatever the day may throw your way. It’s a reminder to be mindful of your actions and reactions before interruptions and the chaos of every day.

Annelene Keck
In the evening in bed before sleep to calm myself.

Robin Lefebvre
I prefer meditating at night before sleep as an opportunity to wind down and disconnect from the day. I will also meditate whenever I start to feel overwhelmed throughout the day or when I feel tired as a quick sleepless nap.

Zelda Setz
The best time to meditate is after I exercise. If I can get myself up and out the door first thing each morning, move, and then sit and meditate before hopping in the shower, that would be ideal.

Nóris Das neves
When time is available and when you have to make time

Irmela Pfisterer
I find that in the morning when I meditate for 15 minutes, I can start my day more clear headed. Also, I have PTSD, so I always in the past found it necessary to fall asleep with the TV on, just to stay out of my head. Now, I use some awesome guided meditations that relax me mentally and physically.

Ella Hansen
I find the best time is when I need help being calm. I usually meditate an hour or so before bed. But I can increase that if I have a stressful day. Even 10 minutes can help calm the mind.

Tobias Ludvigsen
According to me the best time to meditate is during the morning. After u wake up complete brushing your teeth and all your washroom stuff and then before you go for your exercise session you should meditate. That is the best time and moreover, it gives u a fresh source of energy for your exercise session and for the rest of the day. Also after visiting home from your workplace, you can meditate. If you can do both, believe me, your life will change.

Jon Sirnes
For my main daily meditation, I find a routinized morning time the best…However, throughout the day, whenever needed is great as well.

آدرینا نجاتی
2:15 – I've just digested lunch, the bulk of my work has been taken care of for the day – I have a calendar reminder on my phone that I'm much more likely to heed at work when I really do need a break than at home where I'm already relaxed

Carl Jensen
I personally think at night, cause it helps you sleep better and you've been through a whole day and it really gives you a chance to process everything.

Fabio Barbier
I meditate in the morning and at night. When I wake up to get myself ready for a stressful day and before I go to sleep to get myself to unwind and relax.

Käthe Hofmann
First thing in the morning or last thing at night. This opens the day with a lowered level or reactivity and allows one to leave the day behind in the night-time.

Hajo Christiansen
I try to mediate in the evenings, but I often fine dime too sleepy to complete the session. Mornings are probably better, but it depends on you and what you need.

Jeppe Poulsen
I find doing it first thing in the morning and last thing before bed is a great way to meditate. Morning meditation sets the vibe and intention for your day. Before bed meditation plants the seed of change in your brain so that it gets better absorbed in your subconscious. If I'm really out of focus during the day I will stop and breathe to clear my mind.

Aiden Mitchell
I like to meditate in the morning about an hour after waking. I also meditate just before my afternoon nap.

Calogero Hölzer
I find it best to meditate before going to bed. Morning or mid-day attempts have not felt comfortable or successful

Isaac Morrison
It depends on the person. Personally, I don’t know. Sometimes I do it in the morning and sometimes at night, but either way I often fall asleep.