What is the one thing that helps you concentrate most?

Chloe U.
Putting on my noise canceling headphones and listening to music. I also like to set up my work area with a bunch of office supplies and notebooks that I might or might not need. But I feel more studious in this kind of setting.
Sade F.
One of the things that helps me concentrate the most is meditation. Having the opportunity to silence my mind which runs a million miles a minute !! Being able to focus in on my breathing and allowing everything to leave my mental, brings clarity and concentration for me. Another thing that helps me concentrate is eating hard candy lol. Believe it or not, but if Iā€™m testing, studying or have to speak in a public environment, Iā€™m going to eat some form of hard candy to rid the anxiety and help me concentrate on the topic at hand šŸ˜‰