Can you suggest a confidence meditation?

Chantal A.
A meditation you do has to fit you. So I can recommend you to try one. If you like it, you can use it more often, if you disliked it you learned that this meditation is not for you at this moment in time. You can always try it on a later moment again.
Din Q.
I like to repeat the phrase "I am enough." If I believe I am enough, then that will bleed into everything I do. It will give me the patience I need for the right people to walk into my life. If will help me see which people I should keep and which people I should let leave my life. If my mind is clear and knows my own value it can fo nothing but set me up for success personally and professionally.
Ashley C.
Ben Miss has some really good hypnosis meditations that really focus on breathing techniques. Also, look into books by Dr.Joe Dispenza, he has the best meditation practices for feeling better no matter what funk you’re in