How long do you spend meditating? Do you think it actually makes a difference?

Dylan O.
I like shorter meditation sessions, about 5 to 10 minutes. It definitely helps me. It's taking some time out of my day to just breathe for a minute, kinda unpack all that I have to do or all that has happened. I also use it as a time to practice self kindness, because my mind wanders a lot and being kind to myself about that can help me be kind to myself about other things too.
Ildiko U.
10 – 15 Mins
It actually calms me down, I try meditation at night because I have a peaceful mind at night so, it also helps with my quality of Sleep.
Savannah Z.
I try to do yoga and meditation once a day in the morning for about 10 minutes to start my day energised and feeling good
Laura F.
I meditate in the night to left behid all the day and in the morning to start a new day more positive, also I meditate when I feel stress or maybe when I don’t feel good with myself. I experiment a really good change in myself because now I can hold the happy emotions and let sad go
Faye I.
Not enough I have to say. I noticed I can't keep meditating more than 40 Min. And a guided one. It makes a huge different by the way when I don't practice. My head is restless and I can't manage properly anxiety and depressive feelings