What type of meditation do you do?

Ferrer P.
I meditate with candles ..incense..meditation sounds as background..i meditate with my pets as they choose..but during my meditations i focus on love…kindness and people or things i am grateful for..I want to reach out and help those in need…I also meditate through quotes and i do journaling….My mantra is..No negativity is allowed…Only Positive energy…I also meditate through taking care of my animals and making sure they are happy….

Marcelino Q.
I use the Calm app. It’s completely customizable for length, substance and there are different series, such as improving self esteem. The meditation also ends everyday with the presentation that aligns with the Daily Calm meditation, the new meditation that changes each morning.

Nadja T.
When I finish my morning routine, and just after my daughters go to the school, I go back to my bed , a lay down, I hug my huge blanket (pretending that I'm hugging myself, I start to listen to my breath, the sounds around me and I think just positive things about me, how brave I'm, how I need love myself, and I just feel grateful for the things that are done, and the things coming this day, usually I fall sleep for 10 minutes, .. is really healing for me!

Ot Lia F.
Usually II meditate by focusing on my breath. I do that twice a day. In addition to that, I do the other meditations in the" make me fabulous" section in Fabulous.

Hans Q.
The guided morning and evening routines but sometimes also the one with just nature sounds in the background when I feel restless

Morgane S.
I prefer to call it breathing exercises. It resonates more to me than meditation. Breathing just helps me slow things down.

Jasmim E.
I like many different types of meditation. I love the Insight Timer app, I can’t recommend it highly enough! It has many different types of guided meditation to choose from; you can select length, style, voice, etc. It’s brilliant.
Please try it – you’ll love it!

Iracilda I.
I use the app Yoga Nidra which is its own type of meditation. I love it, and I have been using it for about 4 years now. I meditate in the evenings before sleep especially with yoga nidra. I like the quick meditations in fabulous for a small mental boost during the day but I meditate for at least 10 minutes at night with yoga nidra to still my mind.

Vera U.
There are many forms of meditation techniques that you can try. The one I typically use is a particular counting meditation technique that uses counting. I pair counting in my head, in intervals of 10s with my breathing. 4s of inhalation, then 6s of exhalation. The length of inhalation vs exhalation can vary, but I prefer a [4-In,6-out] count. Some also suggest [4-In,8-out] or a [4-In,4-out]. The method is described as a relaxation technique and the longer exhalation variation may help when you are more anxious.

Now that you have picked a breathing tempo, you can either continuously count to 100 and beyond, or just count in sets of 10. This is why I use the [4-In,6-out] variation, because it makes counting easier. After I complete one interval of 10s, I'll start the next interval with the next consecutive number. So 2nd interval will be counted as 2-2-3-4. 3rd interval is 3-2-3-4, etc. Then after the 10th interval I go back to 1 and remember the position in my head. I usually keep track of 2 numbers, the first one is the interval I am on and the 2nd number is how many sets of 10 intervals I have completed. If I am counting to 12 minutes, it takes 720s or [2-7] as I picture it my head. The 2 representing which interval # I am on and the 7 represents how many sets of 10 intervals I have completed.

So this technique is my own personal variation of a counting meditation technique I read in the book 'You are not you're Brain.' The difficult part with this technique, is that when your mind wanders, you can easily lose your counting position. Or even when you go into a deeper meditation state you may just stop counting for a bit. This is all natural, so continue counting and still use a clock or timer if your counting begins to lag. This will let you know when your completion time is.

Counting meditation can also be done anytime you have a couple of minutes. Perhaps waiting at the clinic, or when you feel a strong emotion of some kind. It might also help to practice meditating before engaging in undesirable habits too.

Tyrone S.
When I meditate, I prefer a guided meditation. I want soothing music in the background. Also a soft spoken voice. I do sleep meditation mostly.

Karl R.
I practice mindfulness and nonresctivity meditation. My practice takes place mostly in the mornings, but I do them as needed quite often (for example, at the office during a break or in the evening when I’m feeling stressed).