Do you have a support from your partner?

Giovanni X.
I don’t have a partner in life at the moment. For now it is mostly that I am just on my own. Supporting myself. And I mean you can’t rely on other’s support you got to work on supporting yourself and keep that relationship with yourself steadfast.

Danilo U.
Yes, I have support. We both struggle with similar issues so he's very supportive of me taking care about my mental wellbeing

Olivia F.
Yes, my partner is wonderfully supportive. She not only encourages me to go on this journey but has started doing it herself.

Andresa F.
Yes, he gives me emotional support and tells me I’m doing a good job. He helps me cook food when I have no money and gives me space to do my work. Some things he doesn’t care about like exercise and yoga/meditation but I just keep these things to myself and do my best. If your partner doesn’t support you then you need a new partner or just let him/her go and do their own thing. You are your only best friend and only you can give yourself the support and love you need. No matter how much your partner supports you, it means nothing without your own effort and willingness to succeed.

Mae Z.
I'm not currently living with my partner, so I haven't told him about the habits I've started yet. But I know that he would be supportive of me through this. Hes supported me through less positive stuff than this

June U.
I don't have a partner but if I did I think it would be very important that they do support me with this and worrying if they didn't.

Ulda Z.
I don’t have a partner, so I’ll answer with regards to my family.
I feel I have their support, and even if they didn’t necessarily understand my situation, they would do their best to understand it and support me. The problem, however, is me. I don’t give my family the chance to understand because I don’t open up.

Silv Ria F.
I’m single so no, I don’t have the support from a partner right now. I have in the past. Some were supportive others not so much. One thing I can tell you is that relying on the support of a partner for your personal success, whether or not they are a supportive person or not and especially if they are not, you are setting yourself up for failure. Having someone to cheer you on feels great but if you are making changes to improve your life for someone else the changes won’t last. Either their support alone won’t be enough to keep you motivated in the long term or for some reason that support is withdrawn and you will fail. However, if you are making these changes for yourself independently a supportive partner can be an added bonus. But, and more importantly, if you are making positive life changes and your partner is not being supportive your success is not dependent upon them and you may want to start looking at the relationship as part of your “deep work”. It could be that your partner just isn’t a good fit in your new Fabulous life.

Dorico F.
Unfortunately, I do not have a partner or any support from anyone. But if you can find a support system it is very valuable to keeping towards your goals

Freja N.
Yes, I have support from my partner daily. He check-in daily to see how I am doing and feeling. He shows me how important I am in his life by including me in his. That a supportive partner for me. He loves me!

Heinz Gerd Y.
I feel so lucky to have full buy in from my partner on all this stuff. She works early mornings and I'm normal 9-5, but we both get our seperate morning rituals and we keep track on a whiteboard on the fridge with little checkboxes like in the app. We just call them weekly goals and it's been a fun way to be a little competitive and supportive and keep each other accountable. She doesn't use this app though, and her checklist/routime differs from mine, but it's been so helpful having someone to drag me along on days I don't have motivation, and I do the same for her

Thea U.
For the most part yes, although trying to be healthier and exercise more seems to annoy her and others from time to time. But I remind myself I do this for me and others might think I'm dumb or whatever but I am sure I feel way better than them in every aspect of life. I sleep better, I have more energy, I do more, think clearer, accomplish more because I treat myself better.