How many minutes is ideal to meditate each day?

Toni U.
For me, I like to meditate at least 15 minutes. Less than that and I don't fully relax. Ideally I would meditate twice a day, bit I haven't reached that yet.
Bobby Z.
I do about 12 minutes. If I can do longer then great. But, when I need just a moment to recenter myself each day, 12 minutes hit the spot.
Vernon E.
Hi! I think the answer to this question really depends on many personal factors, like your skill level, daily routine, etc. I, personally, have been meditating daily for about three years now. The amount of time I meditated each day fluctuated, but it never surpassed fifteen minutes per day, simply because I can not hold my focus for longer than that. Although I am working on increasing the amount of time I meditate for each day, now I meditate for ten minutes. My advice would be to try meditating for five minutes a day for a week. After the week is done, if you feel like you could do longer than that, increase the amount of time to ten minutes. I would keep increasing the time by five minutes each week, until you’ve found an amount of time that works with your schedule and mindset. Also, keep in mind that meditating for longer isn’t necessarily better. If you can only deeply focus for seven minutes, meditate for seven minutes. Doing it longer than that may make meditating frustrating or even unenjoyable. I hope this helped!😁
Paul N.
I don't think meditation is anything about "ideal". It seems like it is a personal journey, where everyone is different.
Noham P.
I think that at first you will not be able to meditate very long because it’s new and you will have to ease into the habit, but as you become more and more aquatinted with the new experience and find out how much more of a benefit it can be to your overall mental state as you’re experiencing the routine and learning how to do it.
Adelinde Z.
It depends on your mental activity, we want to see each thought passing through our mind and like touching a balloon let them float away from us. Do as much or as little as you need to calm the mind and bring your focus to the now. Guided meditations are great but work at your pace.
Abigail J.
Do whatever works for you. No pressure. I worked my way into twenty minutes each morning. It's enough for me to get in my zone and really appreciate the benefits from the meditation and it fits nicely with the rest of my morning routine. So twenty minutes works for me.
Humberto C.
Meditation gives you the inner energy you want and satisfaction you need for your day. I think 10 minute meditation is the ideal time for your day. Just try it and if you need more you can increase the timer
Jonas Z.
Hello, I think the time taken to meditate can be flexible, depending on how the day went. After a great day, five minutes can work for me, though it may go longer or merge/transition into gratefulness.

For a tough day, I may want to meditate for a longer time period in order to recenter and calm myself. Or, I might meditate for two shorter time periods: once after a tough situation, if possible, then again as part of my evening routine.

Amalie Z.
Be careful about setting up an ideal length of time and becoming attached to it. The ideal length of time is anytime at all that you meditate as appropriate to your circumstances, which may change from day to day. When appropriate, meditate for one minute and consider it a success.
Elias W.
It varies for me depending on the circumstances. The minimum amount has been about 30 minutes per day. I’m always start my morning with a session before I get up to get my water. It centers me for the day ahead. I also go to bed after a session. That helps me sleep through the night. Afternoon sessions are on a as needed basis. Those are usually five minutes or less.
Elsie U.
Start with anything, even 1 minute, and build your time up from there. That way it’s less overwhelming and doesn’t become a ‘to do’ item. Ideally working up to at least 5 minutes every day is optimal, and anything between 10-20 minutes is great! More than that is nice but not necessary.
Isael Q.
10-15 mins great before sleeping. Calming, settles my thoughts and helps for a relaxing sleep. Helps to find my purposes
Samira C.
It's not about how many minutes. Find the same time every day and do it as short as one minute. I prefer doing 10 minutes before bed and then small even shorter meditations throughout the day.