What type of meditation is best at bedtime?

Yasaswi I.
I am just telling from my experience, if I feel like today I am not going to catch my sleep soon like the usual, I prefer to listen to Yoga Nidra meditation. I will be awake for sometime and slowly slip into sleep mode. I hope this helps you.
Erica F.
I like to sit in my yellow chair next to all of my crystals. Holding one helps me feel grounded. And then I just meditate until I feel like I'm done! That's my practice for now, but I plan on solidifying it more as I practice.
Anna W.
At bedtime, I prefer a forgiving and calming breath meditation (in for 4, hold for 7, out for 8) and allow myself to listen to my body. If I need sleep, I allow myself to go there without any guilt.
Altino Y.
I didn't test all of them, but I'm frequently using Breather befeore bed, it makes me feel relax and fall in sleep sooner.
Ricky U.
A 15 minute meditation where you focus your breathing to relax your body while reflecting on your day, healing what hurt you and basking in the delights of the day, no matter how small.