How do you keep yourself motivated and disciplined?

Dion Sia F.
I still on my way for the both, especially the dicipline way. But to feel motivated, i realized i have to keep my focus. Focusing on something (like study if you are a student, or may be working if you are an adult) and fill content can keep you sane. You can read a book, knowing something new might make you feel alive. I just realize i have to do something in intense even it hasnt perfect yet and fill my head by reading or thinking to keep me sane. To keep me moving. Its not good to stay rest for too long. Especially if you are resting a good habit.
Jacob P.
I convince my mind to not give up. I am my greatest coach. I know how I feel when I give up and it's not good. I have no other option but to stay motivated. I get so much done and I sleep better.