How can I select one of the Fabulous meditation topics to appear in my morning routine. Right now I have the breather, but some days I want something longer or different.

Oscar W.
The meditation exercises that are given for Fabulous members are really great. Some of those exercises are not available to me so Iwould’t be able to tell you how to better incorporate them into your meditation routines, but the ones that I’e participated in I’ve found to be beneficial to me – especially the evening meditation just before turning in for bed where I get a chance to make sense out of my day’s activities and bring my day to a meaningful closure.
Dennis C.
It depends on how I wake up… In my country is hard to sleep at night because of the problems with the electricity some times I wake up with the need of a good session of meditation and connection to my inner self.
Elzira Q.
I think the Fabulous has more routines for Meditation that you can incorporate into your day at certain specific times and situations if I’m remembering correctly in the premium versions of the Fabulous apps being offered. I have not upgraded as of yet but I’m sure there are more meditation routines that Fabulous offers as you advance through the program. I will be more observant about the types of offerings concerning this routine going forward.
Rosa B.
You can select in habits the meditation m. Once you’ve click on it just scroll down for the various meditations and select the one you want to do that morning.