How do you make the habit of meditation consistent? Did you notice a shift in yourself after you meditated with consistency, day by day, for a long period of time?

Silke Y.
I picked a specific time during the day when I know I’m free (which for me is the evening) I use an app with meditation and mindfulness playlists which allows me to set a reminder for daily meditation. This works for me and I now have a set routine.
Lovisa N.
I started with headspace, which also has a tracking function. Everyday I would follow the basic training program just to get that tick-marker. 2 years later, Ive had streaks as long as 40 days, and sometimes breaks for just as long. There is a massive difference in how I feel and approach the world when O have been keeping up meditation compared to when I havent. Not only that, but the techniques Ive learned helpes calm me down when I feel overwhelmed. Sometimes I also feel the need to meditate, if its been a while or Im having a rough day. Feeling the need to do something that started as something difficult and a chore makes me feel very acomplished.
Eleonora E.
It was a matter of faith in the beginning. But now I practice 10 minutes everyday for a month. I am more in control of my impulses but I am still working on my emotions and bad thoughts. Meditation helps this process a lot.
Frances C.
I use headspace, so I get multiple reminders daily, not just from Fabulous. I also have paid for it, so there's more motivation there as I've invested in meditating, and seeing my streak also encourages me to keep going.

At the moment I've only seen a visible difference in my ability to meditate, but I do also feel a lot calmer when I do, and I can tap into that sense of calm easier. Weirdly enough I think it's also helped my back and posture a lot, because my spine used to ache all the time when I'd start meditating, but now it hardly ever does, or at least not to the extent it used to.

Viriato C.
Yes. I did notice a shift in myself actually. The trick is to relax an hour early and get all of your big jobs done before. Like how I always do my homework as soon as I come home from school so I have the restof the night to relax.