Do you prefer doing meditation in silence or using an application for different sounds?

Emeline Z.
I prefer silence. I feel that music or sounds just tend to distract. Unless I am deliberately working with sound and noise as they come up, which can be a practice, or meditating outside.

The silence gives me space and comfort and the ability sort through the noise of my mind. And that noise comes through much clearer in silence, to the point where on retreats my mind will start to try to play music to me.

And that is an interesting place to get to.

Am Lie S.
I prefer guided, contemplative meditation. I use the podcast from Encounter, but there are other apps that are available that provide all types of meditation, some with just sound and some that are guided. I prefer the guided.
Debbie T.
It depends on the day and my mood. Sometimes being silent and repeating a mantra in my head, while paying attention to my breathing is so relaxing and rewarding. Others times, when I’m down or having trouble focusing, using a meditation app with sounds and/or voices is the perfect way for me to meditate.
Daniel N.
Either. If I can't find a quiet space ill use headphones to listen to calming music or bells. If my environment is quiet then I get lost in the silence.
Greg Q.
I prefer an application with sounds and guidings like meditation that helps stress, depression and anxiety. It also helps me to better focus on the meditation, reminding me to focus on the breathing and not let thoughts be overwhelming and let them take over
Camila E.
When I have spare time I go outside and listen to the birds, feel the wind and breathe in the air. I feel gratitude, then I say thank you. Then my mind recaps my day, the to do list, the family, what is like to do and what I am going to do. This is my meditation process. At night when I fall asleep I listen to music meditation.