How often do you mediate? How did you decide what works for you?

Gwen F.
I’ve been trying it multiple times a day in all sorts of states of hunger and sleepiness to try and pinpoint what’s the best time for me. Being at home right now, it’s the perfect time to experiment. I’ve noticed that I do better or get more of a lift when I’ve slept well, did not foresee that.

I’m a bit of a freak and have actually been using a habit tracker with one line for each app and instead of a check mark, I put the hour. If I go really stat crazy, I may list the types of sessions, like sleep, focus, etc. to dial it all down further.

Jennifer P.
Right now I am meditating 5 times a day but that is only because of the quarantine. In my normal life, right after I wake up and right before I go to bed
Afra F.
I meditate twice a day. 5mins in the morning and 10/15mins at 5pm!
Well got to a point where I put my foot down and decided I needed to have a consistent time which is 5pm. The morning mediation is new! I’m trying to give myself all the chances to start my day right
Defne N.
I meditate everyday. I use an application called meditation and it has series for different topica, so I choose a topic and complete the series one by one.
Georgette G.
I find myself meditating twice per day. 5-10 mins in the morning and 5-10 mins before bed.
My biggest allies thus far are the self esteem and regret meditation options.
Joanna U.
I try to meditate every day for about 5-10 minutes. I am just a beginner myself, so it is trial and error at the moment. Usually I meditate in the morning to calmly start the day and write a self reflecting diary in the evening

At the moment I am using the 21-day challenge by Deepak as base.

Katja J.
Its all about the decision and i made it.. 10 mnts every day while relaxing my body,sitting up in a right way, and never thinking about anything, only my in and out breathing.. Healing all the negative thoughts is a great job to do . Thank you
Brandon N.
As needed based on how I feel everyday. I used guided meditation on walks, to refocus, to calm down etc. The calm app is great but there are free versions available too.
Kelly F.
I started with short meditations and quickly found myself completing various meditations throughout the day. I found it helps me focus, motivates me and relaxes me at bedtime.
Coline Z.
I meditate once a day. I used to meditate regularly but lately I stopped due to some issues. Nowadays some spheres of my life are mess but the career front has to go on well, which needs focus – so I guess that's why I started meditating from the first and this time too. It refreshes your mind, helps you to connect with yourself and to focus.
Madalene Y.
I struggled on and off with actually finding the time to meditate. What seemed to work for me was at 12 or 1pm. Meditation doesn’t have to be every day but can. Just pick a spot and put a timer on. Choose an amount of time your comfortable with and see it as simple not a chore you have to do.