Do you know of someone kind of meditation style that fits hiperactive people? I am one and no matter how hard I try I’m always frustrated after meditating… Something in me just hates not moving or focusing on only one thing…

Jason R.
I have a similar issue, unable to focus or calm my mind. I have tried many styles of meditation. What worked for me is taking it in small steps. Start with a 2-5 minute meditation. Gradually increase the length. Try different sitting positions, honestly there is not one that is the best.

Zen Buddhism teaches leaving your eyes slightly open but cast down, maybe that can work. There is also walking meditation. Go to a quiet area, try headphones. Sometimes it helps to leave your home or go someplace new. I often go on a long hike, look for a hidden location that calls to me. Sit down and meditate.

Meditation is not easy and does not come without practice. There is no right or wrong way. Trust me, I feel your frustration. But I know you can do it. I have gone from 1 minute to about 1 hour. Yet I cannot sit still more then 30 seconds. We are in this together and always remember, there are many paths.

Charlotte S.
Hi! Diagnosed ADHD person here! As someone who struggles with sitting still for long periods of time, my trick is to pick something to focus on, whether it be a feeling or a color! I’d that doesn’t work, try imagining (with your eyes closed) that you can see yourself from the back, and think about what everything would look like. That’s meditation too, I think!

Christol N.
I enjoy headspace. I like how it invites you to begin meditating with your eyes open. I’ve also learned it’s okay to not resist the need to move or shifting focus or following a thought for a bit and then returning back to your breathe. Hope this helps some

Jessica O.
Try a pose where you can sit down and concentrate but can still move like big breaths maybe something like yoga personality when I’m in a very active mode this helps me

Ellie W.
Have you tried focusing on a candle flame instead of closing your eyes and lying still? Focus on the flame instead. May give you something to occupy your mind and distract you.

Lisa S.
I always had a hard time with this as well, I ended up using a meditation app to help me with guided meditations. They really let you be ok with feeling the sensations around you and make you realize it’s not always about staying still. I use insight timer

Berenice A.
You can try to meditate while moving. Every sensation, every movement and every breath you take will be your focal point for meditation. We often think that meditating is just sitting still and doing nothing. But there are several techniques and ways to meditate. The important thing is to find something to be fully present in yourself. An example is to appreciate the simple things in life using your senses, not to distract you, but to make you more and more present. When looking at something, use your vision to fully contemplate what you are observing. when listening, listen carefully and carefully and lovingly. When you eat, close your eyes and enjoy every taste. When you smell something you like, immerse yourself in the aromas. When you touch something, enjoy the textures.

Eva X.
I don’t know a specific meditation style for hyperactive people. I actually am a little hyperactive myself:). I definitely recommend trying the app Breethe. They have some mediations that are really good for focus and calming the mind. If you don’t get a plan on the app, then a lot of them are locked but they have really good ones that are free as well. Hope this helps!