What are good times to meditate. When your happy, sad, lonely, exited. Because I dot know when I should. I was really angry and i meditated. But it felt different from when in calmer or happier. So I don’t know when I should or shouldn’t

Albina C.
Personally I mediate at all times. I don't expect every meditation to be the same and in fact I find out valuable to have meditation as a way to help me get back to my core self and change state of I happen to be in a state that may not be what I'd normally classify as 'ideal'. Focusing on my breath and having the discipline to simply 'go there and practice' I find very valuable in and of itself.

Jason J.
Everyone is different when it comes to meditation. I prefer doing it in the morning but sometimes I’m not in the mood or lacking time so I’d get my 10 minutes after I get back home from work. I prefer guided meditation. I use Headspace or Calm.

Jerry J.
Hi. I have learned we do not run to, nor from meditation so I would say there is no emotionally perfect time to meditate as far as what we are feeling. Whatever emotion we are experiencing when we sit to honor our true selves is exactly what we are supposed to be experiencing in that moment. To me, meditation is all about awareness. Our feelings and thoughts are not always going to be the same, this is how we know we are not our thoughts, not our feelings…. because they come and go. We are still here regardless of the feeling or the thought. It is best that we pick a special time, space, outfit, etc when we meditate because the benefits of meditation are cumulative. In other words, if we use the same time to med every day…. eventually our body will just know it's time for meditation and relaxation chemicals in the brain will be produced at that time. If we use the same space…. eventually every time we step into that space, the naturally occurring relaxation chemicals will be released. It is the same with the clothes, the pillow, everything we choose to use regularly. Namaste and Hope this helps

Amandine E.
I meditate when my actions don't match with my image of what I want to be. For example, if I'm upset over getting rejected, I meditate to calm myself and gain a better perspective. Or if I'm distracted and want to study, I meditate to focus on what's important.

Rudolf Z.
One need to meditated early morning and before sleep. Along with meditation one to check his actions of mind which are thoughts and actions by body like eating talking seeing etc. one have to create correct atmosphere too. One can’t say bad things, can’t have jealousy, can’t see disturbing movies and drama and much more. With restriction only the medicine of meditation, is not going to be effective.

Prisca P.
Meditation while you are lonely or sad or even may be depressed is a great way to heal you and your worries and tensions and even feeling of regret

Nina E.
I've found that meditation and mindfulness practice is good no matter which state my mind happens to be in at the time. If I am calm and happy when I start then feelings of oneness and openness abound. However, I have also been trying intentionally to engage in the practice when I am feeling upset as well which has had a very calming and diffusing effect on my anger.

Berndt F.
For me personally it can be challenging to go straight into meditation so before getting into a calm state it can be useful to do full body shakes to discharge the excess energy that anger often produces. After doing these you should feel the energy spread through your entire body instead of being bound up in any specific place. Try standing still and calming your breathing then begin your normal meditation practice.