I have a small bed sit so having a specific place to meditate or pray that is separate from everything else is difficult. Any ideas on how to make one tiny area of a room feel special/sacred and separate from the day to day?

Alina U.
Yes, take a corner of the room. If you could fit a very small table where u could place a couple of crystals and a candle or items u find relaxing. Turn on music that helps you and either a chair or if u r able floor space to sit. Then it is the intention of your mind. I am giving …. minutes slot in time u have to myself to relax my mind and body and to focus on my inner needs.
Delores O.
I have a shrine I made with special things I have or accumulated that have resonated with moments or people in my life all sorts of stones ,flowers , statues, candles , fortunes, etc..I have it in the east corner of my room. It's a microcosm of my experiences on earth so sometimes it gets clutter or I feel the need to dress it or rearrange the items on it to reflect what im feeling at the time. I sometimes sit in front of it to mediate, pray or recharge. It's very pleasing to look at and gives me hope strength guidance and good luck 😊
Suzana N.
I had a small area near my window, so I put a small bench there and put some plants and candles on the windowsill. Now that is a very special place to me and feels sacred.
Valdemar S.
I use a yoga mat to exercise, but also meditate and pray. This doesn't take any room and can be put away or brought with you anywhere.
Enora T.
I believe a special cushion that you take out for meditation and some kind of statue and a lit candle makes all the difference. You could keep these in one place and take them out each time you meditate. Even a bed can be multipurpose if you make it right after getting out of bed and cover it with some nice, colourful blanket or some kind of duvet. I am also having some trouble finding space now after moving into a smaller space, but my lovely cushion always makes the difference. Incense and candles also help me set the mood, you could also fold some kind of blanket or an ornament rug.
Some small details, such as a tiny interior fountain or a Japanese-garden in a pot can make it feel special as well.
Definitely create a ritual of setting up for meditation or prayer – that way your mind separates the space in time and mood and gets into the desired state.
Hope you found these tips useful.
Best of luck to you ✨✨✨
Marie C.
I know how it is. I either meditate on my bed, light candles, or move to a window and stare out of it. That helps me become more mindful and realize that there is a big beautiful world out there. I'm less likely to think about how small my bed or space area is.
Jackie O.
I think buying a candle and only lighting it during times of meditation will help you greatly.
Amelia T.
Interesting enough I too have tackled with this problem. The way I look at it meditation is a practice that we can do anywhere at any time & is meant to help us go through any situation with a clear head be it positive or negative. With that said your small space might help you in your practice as you learn to be mindful in every situation no matter the size. Meditation is of the mind and the
headspace and not about our physical limitations at all. For suggestions, however if you still want to make your space more meditation friendly you could add small pieces to it to put you in a mediative mood like a Tibetan singing Bell or a small cushion or anything that will help you to focus and be at peace while you set up your space. I wish you well on your journey and hope this has been helpful. Stay fabulous.
Cherly P.
Get comfy blanket or pillow or yoga mat to sit on and put it in a spot in your room. Maybe hang some curtains or bedsheets or some type of linen around the spot so it feels secluded and separate from the rest of the room.
Brittany B.
Also me having small and not enough space, just important thing u have to know, that don’t press hard on yourself. U can make it on carpet that’s under the bed or choose comfortably corner for u, also u can decorate ur pillows and put it on the bed and sit then do what u can as much as can not make it effort on u :))
Miranda S.
It's not a problem if having a small space to meditate.You can also meditate on your bed.Meditate where you fell comfortable.you can also go out and do meditation.. You can meditate in your home, garden (if you have) or do it in your hall, terrors,verendah, etc.. Make sure it's comfortable to meditate..
Alexis U.
I mediate in lots of places – my bed being a major one! (Morning meditation and before sleep). I also love meditating in nature. Do you live near any green spaces – parks, woodland, etc? Try there.
Timmothy S.
I have a smallish place – (though larger than yours). I have one combined kitchen, living room, study space. I bought a nice comfy chair & simple footstool. The chair is beautiful, comfortable, but quite firm, not too large, not too soft & squishy. I use this for meditation, reading, journal writing, phone conversations etc. there is a lovely rug in front of the chair. It’s right next to bookshelves and my filing cabinets, but somehow it feels like a space in its own right.
Sofie C.
I have a similar set up and I've mad a small corner meditation space. Just a pillow on the ground next to my air refused. I made it work.
Sedat O.
Yes you can decorate it or add some fairy lights and posters and it will give a cute cozy room you can also change the color of walls or add a guitar to male it cute
Marshall U.
Just try to get out of the place where you study or work, go to another room and relax, focus on your breathing and stop caring about everything else