How do I prevent my mind from wandering during a meditation. How can I maintain focus?

Jasmine J.
Meditation isn't about stopping your mind from wandering, it's about being aware that it's happening, observing your thoughts and allowing them to pass by.
Jorge T.
Well first of al it’s normal to lose focus so don’t stress
When u do lose focus just come back to your breathing and quiet the mind and just listen to the breathing with practice it will get easier and better
Ana Z.
“Scan” your body with a guided meditation, there’s plenty on YouTube! Also – remember to return back to your breathe, a slow breathe of 4-5 seconds in and out can work wonders to recenter yourself – in and out of meditation. Lastly, you might have a word/phrase to come back to: thinking thinking thinking breathing breathing breathing; I observe my thoughts and let them pass by without judgement; feeling feeling feeling breathing breathing breathing. Hope this helps. 🙂
Marvin F.
Practice. Your mind will always wander. But the more you recognise when it does and bring yourself back to focus. Doing this again and again for months. As you meditate more and longer you will find your focusing for longer without getting distracted
Alejandra Y.
Try to focus on your breathing and your body, or any sounds around you. My mind always wanders, but with each meditation it gets a little more focused.
Thea C.
You can install meditation apps on your phone that guide you through the meditation proces, and its okay to let your mind wonder jist remember to bring it back.
Natalia C.
Just practice. Like Fabulous teaches us: step by stem. And the first thing – don’t blame yourself if your mind is wandering. As soon as you notice that – kindly and slightly, without blaming and angry to yourself – keep focusing on breathing again. Just practice.
Ine Marit F.
Find your focuspoint, mine is the heat or pressure in my palms – this Get so intense that is holds my focus. Breath dousent quite do it for me.

I recommend Calm (an app)

Felicia F.
Not going to lie. I find it really hard too. A friend told me to focus on something like breathing or tapping your finger on your knee.