Is better if you meditate with more people?

Oscar N.
I haven’t meditated with a group yet. I’ve been just doing it alone on my commute to work in the mornings . But I would love to try it with a group though.
Yasmim Q.
Hey there! I haven't been meditating for very long, but from my experience it's better to do it alone. That way you can look for a guided meditation that suits YOUR Mood or can listen to spngs/sounds that make YOU feel relaxed. You also won't get distracted and can solely focus on your own breathing. Of course this depends on the person! You should definitely try doing it with one or more people to see what you like btter!
I wish you good luck and hope you will continue to fight for the things you want and change your life to something you want it to be!
Claire Y.
I personally don't think so. I find it much easier and more fulfilling when I meditate by myself. My 5 yr old son has chosen to be Buddhist and meditates sometimes and its even a little harder doing it together with him lol.
Terra U.
I personally prefer to meditate by myself because I feel distracted when sitting with others. But I'll still seek for an opportunity to do group meditation once in a while just for a change.
Barb A.
I will give a cliché answer but in my opinion it depends on the meditator. For examole, I really enjoy being alone and exploring my thought, fellings, surroundings on my own. I find the experience of living as a lonely path, however I do not think this has a negative meaning. It just shows how important you are , how you should care and love yourself. That's why i like meditating alone. But I also can understand for some other people meditating in a group could be more motivational and rewarding. The presence of others might help those for perpetuating the joy of sharing their experience per se. Anyway i think there's no "right" way of doing meditation. Whatever gives you more peace/happiness is the best way
Alice E.
For me, no. I find it way better that if I’m alone, I meditate better. I get into my head to see what’s bothering me that day or the day before.
Tommy W.
I prefer meditating on my own and feel that it is way more effective when I am alone when compared to having other people there.
Deborah E.
Depends what you prefer! If you’re not sure what works best for you, search for some nearest meditation centers near you, or try an app like Headspace that offers virtual group meditations. Groups can offer support, accountability, and community; however you decide to take your practice is up to you!
Dominic T.
For now I am enjoying my meditation alone. In the near future I will invite family members to join me. Right now this is just for me.
Zoraida Q.
It depends on your needs. I meditate mostly alone because theses no distractions such as someone sniffing or mumbling (it happens). However, my yoga group does a 5 minute meditation after our session. This brings us back to the present and brings forth our intentions we set during the yoga practice. Bringing mind, body and spirit together.
I do my meditation base on my current needs. After a long day, I will do a session by myself but when I need to connect with people on an energetic level, I’ll got to a group session. Listen to what you need.
Zaqueu E.
it is neither better or worse, it’s just different! When you are on you’re own you can experience certain feelings and emotions, while when you are in group you experience a different energy – I suggest trying both:) group meditation can also help at the beginning when you
Jacob G.
So far I've just meditated alone. I feel as if I need to practice meditating alone a bit more to be able to experience the benefits of meditating with other people.
Signe B.
It depends on how you feel. If you’re comfortable meditating with say one or two other people, then go for it. But I myself find it better to meditate alone.
Hugh Z.
Meditation is the process of healing and it will help us simultaneously, it works like a cycle , however, thinking about a particular thing while trying a bit harsh but if we keep continuing in the same pace that will allow us very soothing and tranquility indeed.Doing meditation with the people or off the people does not matter what is matter how we are and where we are on a mental pace.
I assume , it will better if we start alone rather than in the crowd which will diverted our inner spirit or aura.
Eleazar Q.
I dont think so. Never tried, but I asume that my meditation time is very personal and quiet. Dont think another people is a better way to focus.
Owen R.
According to me it's better meditating alone because you can concentrate better without any chance for your mind to wander.
Alyssa P.
Not for me. For some yes. I spend too much time focusing on how others in the group are meditating. When the session is over, I tend to ask 101 questions. That means I am irritating others. For some, mediating in a group is better.
Astrid B.
I find that having one accountability partner is enough to share a meditation journey with. You agree on how you will do your checks in and by what time of the day. You also agree to share your struggles when you miss. That way you can support each other in a compassionate and encouraging manner. You also take turns finding meditation challenges that you can join together. Deepak Chopra always has great 21 day meditation challenges that you can sign up for.
Heidi G.
I think it's betterto do it alone. Doing meditation with other people maybe help people to focus however it distracts me so I think people should try it eith a friend but maybe do it alone for the rest of their journey