Do you find yourself able to meditate better using guides, calm music, or silence?

Frida C.
i use meditation for three things either i'm trying to go to sleep or i'm searching myself for feelings i didn't i know i had and lastly when i'm just stressed and need a little bit time for myself. for
the first one i listen to a calm music while reading a book then i put both of them aside and sleep. for the second one i just need silence to kind of talk to myself. and for the last one i use guides cause well surely they know what they are talking about and my time wont be wasted.

Anacleto Q.
I haven't practiced mediation in silence. I get distracted very easily so having background noise or a guide is helpful for keep myself on track. One day I'll try my hand at silent meditation

Corey W.
I have been using guided for now. I would like to eventually use calm music or even silence as I become more experienced.

Lillie E.
Well I enjoy the guides a lot it help me to focus more it's soothing now in the morning I listen to calm sounds I do a timed meditation with the sounds of the ocean coming ashore I've tried silence but I drift away fast

Antonio S.
I find that it depends on my mood. If I feel restless then soothing music calms me and helps me to focus. If I am focused then silence helps me focus inward and be at peace. If I need something to draw me back in then guides help to to concentrate

Ritthy U.
I'll feel great with guided meditation whereas silence makes me more serene.well whether it is a guided or silence meditation right place and right time plays a key role in making oneself serene.

Alfred Z.
I personally prefer silence, but I would suggest to anyone that they also try guided meditation and music, which might suit them.

Ana Q.
For Contemplative I often have silence. For Yogic or Visualization I use music and/or nature sounds. For Mindfulness my preference is guided but if I’m stressed, I will often use silence to go straight into being mindful or meditating through my particular situation at that moment.

El Na T.
guided meditation works best for me. A variety of music, nature sounds, or silence are also used based on the type of meditation i take time for. IE, music for uplifting results, calm music for relaxing.

Claire C.
I think it is totally up to your personal preference. For me guided meditations work the beat. Especially those who let you focus on the colors of your chakra’s because they might solve blockage of energy. If your not in to chakra’s you can find a hole lot of basic guided meditations on YouTube.

Marianna X.
Yes, particularly the free version of the app "Headspace". The beginner's course is great! Apart from that, thy to always set a time limit for your meditation with an alarm clock. This way you won't be wondering about "How much time do I have left?"

Cl Sio Y.
The easiest way to meditate, for me, is using a spoken guide. It’s important that the guide suits you though; it should help you focus, but not make you laugh because it feels uncomfortable. For me, the headspace app works pretty good. Music, without a guide, is just distracting to me. Silence, for me, is the most effective, but it only works for me if I m in the habit, because I think it’s harder to get into the flow (therefore the guide is easiest for me, although it’s not the potentially most effective option to me).

Karla P.
Calm music. Guides work sometimes and when I find one that I like I tend to listen to it several times. Sometimes I find the pace or the tone of the guide off putting. Silence also works. For me a must is knowing that I have some kind of alarm that will let me know when time is up.