How do you cope with times where you act out of line with your values/priorities leading to negative consequences where you feel you’ve let yourself down?

Nicky W.
I realize that I can’t do it on my own, and then I do lots of homework on the Catholic Church and find out it’s actually what it says it is. Then I go to confession and Jesus takes care of the rest 😜
Roland Q.
I analyze where I did wrong and why. I try to change things, so that will never happen again.
I say "I'm sorry" to the ones that might have been affected, and try to give them 'justice' or closure or whatever they want.

If I regret something, it often includes other people.
To take responsibility and acknowledge what I did and how it felt to them is very scary. But not doung it is worse, since it will never go away.
After clearing things out I feel much better, and the other perspn feels much better.
Usually, the bond between us gets stronger after such a thing.

Hazel S.
When i act out of line with my priorities i always feel guilty because i feel that i wasted precious time after doing it
Allen Y.
I’m trying to meditate and show myself the same compassion I would offer my friends
Don’t beat yourself up
Don’t ruminate on negativity
Can you identify the triggers the other person sparked and the next time practice silence and space
Try not to react but to respond
Domenico U.
I recognize the misstep and find a way to fix the behavior. I see if there is an underlying reason for the misstep and fix that.
Christina E.
I no longer allow those things to even enter my mind. But in the past, I forgive myself and immediately move forward. It’s actually very easy to do
Na L Z.
I try to fix it the next week, like once I did something wrong, I have that on mind but aside and I plan to revert that bad act in the next situation created by myself.
Ramona J.
We are humans and not perfect. first of, i keep my head up and remind myself why I am doing this. Example I have my dumbbell and books all over my room. If a day or two I don’t work out or read the moment I set my eyes on any of them stuff I use for my activities something hits me and I go back in line. In a nutshell, keep your activity stuff close, Incase you falling out of Line they can remind you.
Marina O.
Your emotions are telling you something. When you have the urge to do something that doesn’t align with your values, instead of focusing on the regret or shaming yourself, think about what your body was telling you. WHY did you do that? What were you prioritizing in the moment? Respect that that reason is important, then think about a healthier way to channel that need, and promise yourself to do differently in the future. Show yourself some empathy. Remember that you are human and the world is not black and white.
Don O.
I’d love to know the answer to this. I just start again. I do believe over time and with patience I get a little better