How do you successfully run multiple online businesses? I’m having trouble managing my time.

Star P.
Hi, i may not be a business woman, but my parents are successful in that field. And i think that the best way to manage your time when you have multiple tasks at hand is to take it one step at a time. My point is to avoid multitasking so that you won't be overwhelmed and stressed. Try not to do everything in a haste and relax, you deserve a reward after working so hard 🙂
Ankit N.
Just devide your week days dedicated to each business (eg. First 3 days for one business, and another 3 for another)- fully dedicated; atleast 75% of day focused for that one business, and then further devide the days into focused segment (eg 8am to 12 pm- main work; 12 PM to 2pm- calling; 2pm to 4 PM- marketing etc. Etc. As per your convenience). And then observe what is working and what is not and adjust accordingly but stick to the TIME-BLOCKING principles.
Melinda W.
I highly recommend finding a place to dump out your thoughts, tasks, and goals about all of your businesses. That way you don’t have pressure to mentally keep track of all things at once and can truly focus on getting things done in one headspace/topic at a time. I also like to see where there are similar tasks and processes between businesses. When I do financials, for example, I’d rather do the same type of task for both businesses I have than to just work on different types of tasks for one business. It’s harder for me to switch more between task/process type than company theme/content. Also being disciplined to be in the moment and work on what you committed to work on is very crucial. If you get lost in all pressing matters it’s very hard to focus because you switch from thing to thing to try and make headway everywhere. That doesn’t work. Focus and commit to your prioritization plan.
Inaya E.
Focus on doing one at a time. Prioritize which one is more urgent and go from there. Don’t try to do everything at once, not only will this stress you out but may affect the outcome of your work.