Do you get better at meditating the longer you do it?

Pauline W.
I think so, but it’s not the same every time. I’m using an app (10% Happier) and learning more about meditation each day. Also the time of day varies, so my state of mind varies, too.
Frederikke C.
There is no right or wrong way to meditate! But you do find better ways to have less distractions and it does get easier or faster to relax the more you do it! The longer you do it – Days wise not minutes – you can find other ways to help you meditate and relax too! There are multiple ways you can meditate at home, at a stop light, on the bus, or even at work! You can do it for a few minutes or for longer, however many days a week you need to! Whichever works for you! Just keep at it until you find what works best for you! The goal is to find a way to relax and just do it whenever you need to! Progress is learning it, doing it or working on it, no matter where you are or for how many minutes you do it- it still counts!
S L Ne Z.
I would say yes. Meditation, like any other skill, takes time to improve and refine. Think of it like learning to ride a bike without training wheels; at first you’ll wobble, maybe even fall, and understandably be frustrated. But the more you practice, the better you become at balancing on the bicycle- so much so that it’s essentially second nature. The same is essentially true with meditation.
Frida F.
Yes, but more in the sense that the longer I am at a single sitting I get better (min. 5 being better than min. 2 etc.) I haven't found that each day is necessarily easier than the day before though.
Storm W.
I get better if I meditate longer each day, not depending on how many days Ive tried. The noticeable progress starts from about 30 min a day
Bella J.
You cannot be better or worse at it—it's just about doing it.
But you will feel more confident about whst you're doing, and question yourself less 🙂
Aid Q.
Yes. It gets better. I noticed that when I am consistent with meditation, the easier it gets. I actually start to feel a difference within 3 days. As I meditate more, then it gets easier in that the resistance reduced. It may be a different interval for each person. I stopped meditating for a while and now when I try to get back in the game, I find that I have to be consistent for a longer period of time other than 3 days in order for the restlessness to go away.

Keep at it! It will get better, for sure!

C Lestin E.
Yes, I do get better at meditating the longer I practice it. The breathing along with the meditation gets to be more efficient and then like second nature; and then the mind follows. The thing is, however, it is still a practice and always has room for improvement. Depending on why you are meditating, there are different techniques that are more efficient for different things. I concentrate completely on my breathing when I am anxious, more on gratitude to start my day and be productive and more on relaxation to end my day and rest well.
C Lestin N.
I think the longer I meditate the more I am open to whatever that time turns out to be. In the beginning I had expectations on myself of what it “should “ be like. I thought I should be in a calm serene state of mind. I have since learned to be the observer of my thoughts. I also had to learn that I am not my thoughts. I see some days I am restless during meditation and other days I am more laid back. I accept both without judgement.
Nathaniel Z.
Yes I think you get better. You learn how to focus and relax more but most of all you learn that you are worth taking a few moments for yourself. By doing that, you are better for everyone else you come in contact with.
Tristan Z.
Yes. I do it at the end of the day to decompress. I downloaded an app called Meditation that guides me thru a meditation for a specific type ( sleep, stress, focus, etc)
Noah A.
The length of time in my opinion is irrelevant. It’s the discipline of your technique. For a beginner it’s recognizing when your thoughts start to wonder and being able to return to your breath. The discomfort of sitting to long could weaken that practice. Your practice will improve, just stick with it on a daily. Or try to do it several times a day! I’m a 20 minute meditator 🤗. Any longer and my focus turns to my body’s discomfort.
Julie C.
Some days are better than others. It depends on my mood. At the moment I have a bad head cold with cough so meditating can feel tough to do.
Justine Z.
Absolutely! It’s a little difficult at first to block out distractions or to keep my mind from wandering so my trick is to do it right before bed or as soon as I wake up… but sticking to it regularly is the bottomline.
Terri X.
More the longer as time to stay meditating I will say the constant you do, you can start with just 10 minutes every day. For me work best in the morning just 10/15 minutes and sometimes just before sleep other 10/15 minutes to relax my mind and body before sleep.
Josephine E.
I think yes, even if there's always room for improvement. The first few times I meditated, it was really hard to clear my mind and stay focused on my breath, but now at least I'm faster at recognizing when my mind is not focused anymore and bring it back.
Samantha W.
Meditation is practiced to better observe your mind. Your subconscious dictates your present reality and with you taking the time everyday, thanks to cerebral neuroplasticity, you will be better able observe what it is giving you to say and do and instead step back and choose different. I’ve meditated for several years now, used a few different methods, and the only one I strongly suggest is Sam Harris’s meditation app: