What time do you fine is the best time to schedule meditation so it’s most effective and easier to relax into?

Sofie A.
I prefer to do the Meditation start at 2200 to 2215 hrs because of the long day I faced lot's of problems during day time. To calm myself and reduce the tress I practice at late-night before goto bed. It gives me deep rest and better start next best day.

Lawrence G.
Later in the evening, even night time. Meditation helps me to relax, to return from my mind to my body. Doing so before bed helps my insomnia.

Jonas W.
It’s easiest for me right after I wake up and have my water. I’m awake enough to not fall asleep, but my subconscious is still just below the surface enough for me to focus on any insights gained there while I was asleep. I also like to meditate in the evening right when I get home from work. I’ll drink some more water I’ll sit down and chair set the timer and meditate. Are use that as a transitional time from work to home mode.

Ricky C.
It depends on your work/school schedule but typically in the morning right after breakfast seems to be the best for me. Also if you are a beginner in meditating or you have been for a a while I would try Headspace. This isn’t an ad I’m just giving some advice. I’ve used it for over a year And it’s great. Have fun and keep inspired!!

Fabien N.
Part of my morning routine, about 7.30am, and again in the evening, about 8pm. That's just me though. Advise you experiment with different periods, morning noon n night, see what works best for you.

Rodolfo Q.
I do my meditation early in the morning before I get the day started. I find it most effective those few minutes to just be still, sit in silence & breathe, say a prayer & give thanks. It sets the tone for the day.

Emilie P.
I find evenings a good time to reflect – the buzzyness of the day has gone and I can sit in silence to re dove impressions that the ordinary day is not allowing me to get

Michelle T.
I find meditation is easiest for me to remember to do first thing in the morning when I’m alert. I connect the habit of meditating to another habit such as brushing my teeth. It’s easier to remember this way.

Sebastian Z.
I meditate after yoga in the morning if I do it at home, which isn’t more than a couple times a week. 3 o’clock is the time when my day quiets down and it’s very nice to meditate at that time to center and calm myself.

Tim S.
Personally i think it is easier to Meditate at night or late evening. But very good is to start the day with mediation, then you go through the day as completely different person 🙂

Amalie C.
I like to meditate early in the morning to center and focus, before the hustle and bustle of the day can distract me.
Guided meditations with certain goals/themes I like to do in the evening.

Lea Z.
I work rondom shifts, so I can't set a time that will always work. At work I sometimes do a short meditation, just some breathing exercises in a quite room. That helps. Free days I love meditating with the sun on my back outside. I imagine bring full of sunlight and clouds will always pass, maybe sooner, maybe later.

Greg O.
I would start first thing in the morning to get control of your mind before you even start your day. Once you are used to that I would add a short meditation at the end of the day to let go of any issues you have picked up during the day and reset tour mind for the next day

Aitor F.
At night naturally I think will be the best time. Get creative. When you notice you got a peaceful moment stop and meditate. The second you think,should I? Start meditating. In the shower with cold water(cold to the touch). Or during a run at the half way point. I once ran then did hill sprints. Then walked to water then meditated for a long time then jumped in. I’ll never forget that milestone.

Adeline F.
The best to schedule meditation so it's effective and easier to relax into is early in the morning. The second best time is in the evening, before going to bed.