So I don’t meditate, I pray to God and I find it just so amazing. But I also feel that I can get sidetracked easily, how do you not go off on a train of thought?

Michele A.
I get sidetracked often. I try to redirect myself most of the time however sometimes I go with the distraction because my mind needs to address another issue or thought. There are nights while listening to my mediation that I instantly fall asleep and I accept that as my mind is done for the night.
Martina A.
It is not the goal to have nothing on mind. Just as soon as you are aware of being lost in thoughts, get your attention kindly back to your pray.
Anna P.
I take a moment to accept that i lost my self in thoughts (with a smile), then take a deep breath and continue with my meditation.
Magaly J.
It's normal that your thoughts wander sometimes. When you notice yourself doing this, just acknowledge it and get back to your meditation. Sometimes you can also meditate on a certain topic. If something is bothering you and you keep thinking about it, it can help to sit down and calmly let your mind consider the topic, and find a solution, options, choices, a resolution, … which can make you more at ease. You can meditate any way you want!
Carolien Q.
Ohh you are just a thought and i wil go back to what i was doing that moment and concentrate on that. Ohh you are there again welkome go sit there (symbolic) bihind my back i am going to do …… I even wash it of by taking a shower. Just focus on a different thing with zelfcompassion.
Ankit T.
Its natural to get side tracked and thats where the diligence comes in, its not about getting sidetracked, meditation is all about how
Many times you keep trying to come to your breaths.
Lisa G.
It's completely normal to get distracted by thoughts honestly. I just think the best thing to do is practice, you'll never have a perfect practice, this is why you just have to keep doing it, to get better. With this you can only get better, not perfect, perfection doesn't exist.