Is there a type of meditation or a routine to help you get the most out of the meditation?

Alana E.
I think your true answer is to get out of your thoughts about it. Feel your way through it. Choose the “routine” that works best for you. For me I am currently drawn to guided meditations. I put my earbuds in and it blocks out outside distractions. I have done meditations that were unguided over the past few weeks but I don’t prefer then at this point. I have even recently set up an area in my room next to a comfy chair. That has become my go-to spot for meditating. Because of that it helps me to keep from tossing clothes and other miscellaneous items on the chair, Lol. THAT is a big help. I have even purchased another set of earbuds so I can have a designated pair that is always next to my meditation chair. However, all of these things came to me as I journeyed through meditation. I started simple by just sitting or lying in bed. Some days I go back to lying in bed. I opened myself up to all that my meditation time could be and simply let it flow. Now, when I simply see the chair, the table next to it, the journal, pens, oil diffuser and sleep mask all on the table, it calms me and sparks joy. I look forward to it.
Sylvie N.
Yes I write down mundane tasks such a as walk and cook because it helps me to focus on order and looking forward to check it out

Body scan meditation works best for me. Got my pouf even and looking forward to my time to sit on my zen pouf.

Shahrzad F.
Kinda, at night I just NEED it to get to sleep but in the morning I do it for fun with the app called (medito) it works for me so maybe give it a try
Anita G.
Keep trying different interest. Maybe join a group to learn and be mentored by someone. Maybe if you taught someone else what you know already you will find you learn something g new from the experience. Keep things small, simple and repetitive and you will find over time that you will have developed a née skill.
Kathy L.
Not at this moment but I have just started on this routine. As me again in a month and I may be able to tell you something more.
Suzanne O.
I usually practice Wim Hof and mindfulness. They are more than enough if you practice them every day! Choose what suit you best, it doesn't really matter which one. What really matters is the daily practice! You deserve this present moment and you can have it with meditation!
Have a great YOU time!
Nairi Z.
I have been using the app Atom to meditate. It is somewhat similar to Fabulous in that it is small steps and habit building with verbal cues (guided meditation).
Leander S.
For me the best meditations are the ones concentrated on the sounds around you and your breath. They make me focus the most and let me relax.
Bibiana N.
Hello, thank you for your interest. I am relatively new to meditation, so I’m not one to recommend a style yet; however I can share my experience. The first time I had interest in meditation was from listening to Eckhart Tolle in 2012. I actually started practicing meditation on a regular basis in 2018 and did the Deepak Chopra meditation challenge on social media and in 2020 I listened to podcasts and read about the benefits of meditation, and had the motivation to get more serious about it. I signed up to 10% happier app and learned the basics of meditation from Joseph Goldstein an amazing experienced American meditation teacher for beginners like me. The podcast has many more teachers and I’ve listened to many of them. So far I have 12,136 minutes according to the app. I am looking into learning to meditate without guide and I am hoping after the pandemic I can travel to a meditation retreat. Eckhart offers these retreats but COVID happened. There are some hotels in Hawaii and Costa Rica that offer meditation yoga healthy vacation retreats. Maybe once this pandemic leaves room for a vacation I’ll go to one with my partner in crime my boy friend. Have a wonderful day !
Jennifer U.
My preference is the first thing in the morning before I am too awake and focused on my day. The house is quiet and nobody is demanding my attention
Dragica X.
I love starting my morning meditation with Headspace’s The Wake Up and their featured meditation. From there, if I need to do a specific meditation for a certain intention, then I’ll use either Headspace or Fabulous meditations.
Charissa O.
I use a devotional and either sit by the fire or light a candle. I spend time in silence just breathing and thinking about what I read. I end with prayer.