Is it true that 10 minutes of meditation is enough to obtain great results?

Elizabeth I.
Yes i think it is true. When i started to meditate i began with two minutes. After six years today i meditate about 8-10 minutes per a day and both of them helps me alot. İ guess it isn't about how much time do you spend. İt is about just doing it.

Anna C.
My experience so far is that ten minutes is a while lot better than none… Whether a longer time brings greater results, I don't know right now but I will as I keep doing it.

Scott F.
I believe that as longer as you are consistent and do it every day even 5 minutes are enough and I know it by my own experience.
When I started meditating, I thought I had to sit for a long time on the bare floor in lotus position.
I was disappointed when I couldn't do this because my back hurts after 10 minutes in that position.
Then I started to research, trying to find a different way in which I could feel more comfortable. I learned that monks doing meditation don't sit on a bare floor. They use special cushions that help maintain a more comfortable position. Then I learned that because of the demand for those cushions and the way they are made they are very expensive. If you can afford them I think they are beautiful and practical for meditation.
At the end I didn't get the cushion. I decided to find another way and I did. You just need to sit(as you normally do)on a comfortable chair with good back support. You can even lay down if you think you are not going to fall asleep. Then close your eyes and start your meditation. I did 5min focusing on my breath and it works wonders for me. It relaxes me and centers me. I love it and I can do it several times a day if I want. Hope this information helps you too

Clyde W.
I am not sure…it's just a 3days wer I started meditation. But it's difficult to be concentrated for beginners ….. I feel few changes in my mind hope which changes gives a best results in growth

Ignatz U.
Yes. Meditation requires you to focus on breathing. And breathing is a present moment. And being is present makes you more aware.

Queila Q.
Yes, taking small steps is key to staying consistent. Doing too much at once can be overwhelming, be discouraging and cause you to fail.

Lilou Y.
Personally find 10 minutes of meditation can yield great results
Though I do believe meditation is more effective while maintaining healthy diet
Finding a breath rhythm during meditation also helps with achieving great results

Chloe N.
Absolutely. 5 minutes is enough! We need to get out of the think that meditation needs to be always done at a high level. It does not. Nothing you begin will automatically be at a high level. You must be patient and train your brain. Start small and build and use the short breaks you have in your day valuably.

Zil S.
10 minutes is more than enough. In the times of constant fiddling and not able to concentrate on anything, 10 minutes is more than sufficient for starting.
As you go down the lane, you yourself will start to meditaye mpre than that. The key here is to form a habit and for that 10 minutws on regular basis is all you need.

John Z.
Usually when I meditate for around 10 minutes I come back to the “real world” refreshed and calm! So in my opinion I would say yes! The more you meditate the better the results you’ll have after!