How is your procedure regarding meditation, and how do you feel it’s helped you in your daily life?

Xue Yong Y.
I started meditating two months ago and it has down wonders. I usually use app called Calm and do the daily calm sessions that are 10 minutes and I do another one offered by the different tracks on how to meditate. I really like having the 20 minutes of peacefulness at the end of the day. Also so realized I was able to catch myself in negative thoughts and anxiousness throughout the day and use the techniques learned in previous sessions to keep calm
And move on! 🙂
Dwayne C.
Meditation has helped my me find my center. As someone who’s dealt/dealing with high levels of anxiety, it’s helped me calm myself during moments of panic – it’s taken time but the more i meditate, being still & breathing has become reflex for me. plus i’m really comforted by the idea that i have a safe calm space within me regardless of how chaotic life seems or feels. I don’t put much thought into procedure . Quiet place to sit is usually great
Teresa F.
Well before I meditate or take time for myself, I find it easier to do it once I've finished everything else toward the end of the day. It makes it easier to calm my mind when I'm not stressing about anything. How it's helped? Sleep quality is probably one of the most important. Meditating helps me fall asleep faster and better so I can wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on a new day. Also, taking time to think allows me to let other thoughts regarding myself and not my work float around. Just focusing on myself is really helpful to recognize what I had done that day and how I feel.