How do you get back on track when you haven’t done meditation for a few or more days?

Maya T.
I remind myself of how great I feel when I am meditating, then I make time to settle into my favourite guided meditation (Deepak Chopra) and then it’s easy.
The thing is not to force yourself, feel guilty or make it a chore.
Rudi T.
It's easy to tell yourself that you won't meditate 'properly' or that you don't feel like it. But meditation is never perfect, and even sitting for 2-3 minutes is better than not sitting at all. Start small and work your way back up instead of trying to get back to where you were immediately.
Victoria T.
To get back on track I start with taking time to do short breathing focused rounds of meditation and add a couple of minutes more eevry day.
Joseph F.
Start small and gradually build up your meditation program. Soon you'll realise that you won't be able to do without meditating often🧘🏻‍♀️
Caroline Y.
Just let it go absurdo start again. Leave the judgments and questions. Remember is good for you and be kind to yourself. It’s. Okay. Start with a short one and treat yourself!
Susan P.
Give yourself 5 minutes quiet time and observe how are you feeling? Praise yourself for the effort you have put in so far to increase your living standard. And ask yourself for strategies, giving the obstacles you encountered last few days. If that obstacle arise again, how would you do it this time around?
Emma W.
Every day is a new day to make good choices. When it comes to good metrics of success, "the ability to get back on track" is more important than "the ability to never make a mistake." If you focus on the ladder, you will constantly be failing your own goal posts; if you focus on the former, every mistake is the opportunity to practice resilience. What a gift.