I started off really strong for the first couple of weeks doing just 5 mins of breathing in the morning then moved to 10 mins for the next two weeks, sometimes sitting for up to 20 mins easily. But lately, I cannot seem to sit through the whole 10 mins without getting distracted, agitated and a little emotional. Any advice or tips?

Mel T.
I’m hearing resistance in you. Not only in doing your habit but too resisting your resistance haha! Funny how it works sometimes. Seeing distraction, agitation, and emotional feelings present is important to moving forward. Please have compassion for them and yourself. Remember they are temporary but they also are telling you something. I like to picture them as separate characters in my head with their own stories. Something may not be working in your habit or something may be coming up in your body from outside your practice. I found that when I was doing breath work I would suddenly become out of breath and anxious and what I realized after giving it compassion and hearing it was that feeling was present always in my body and only when it had space to be seen aka I finally wasn’t resisting or ignoring it did it come up and that happened to be when I would practice breathwork.

So to summarize:
1. Your feelings are telling you something, listen to them
2 have compassion for them and yourself
3 it may have something to do with your habit or it may be your state of being outside of your habit.
4 good luck!