What do you do during meditation when there’s something distracting you (feeling, thought or noise)?

Sarah N.
If you listen to music, you’ll know that when your thoughts disturb you, music can take em away. Similar is the case with meditation.
If you focus on it completely and whole heartedly, the chance of disturbance is less
Lily W.
I simply pause the video and not let the interruption get me frustrated but when the interruption is gone ai simply return back to the meditation video and return myself back to its original calm state. It sometimes takes me a little bit longer but I make sure I do it and if I’m not satisfied with the meditation I will simply do it again or choose another one to do.
Tamara Z.
I try to empty my mind and close my eyes, and if I can’t focus I just change location or plug some relaxing music on in my earphones
Hans Walter E.
When I notice that I’m getting distracted while meditating I simply process the distraction and let it go through me and bring my attention back to the center of meditating.
Carla Q.
I focus on what’s distracting me the most and breathe through it until it passes onto a different area of distraction. The idea isn’t to get rid of distractions but to notice them.
Paul P.
That happens constantly. I have to repeatedly focus back on my breath. I am still getting used to meditation and it's a little difficult.
Marleen X.
I simply go back to the meditation. Sometimes I have to do that a lot of times and I use to think that it was not a good meditation. But now I know, that it gives so much peace if you just do it
Debbie J.
moslty noise distract me the most…it really irretates me when i m in meditation and someone distrubs ….it demotivates me….it effects me so badly…
Celino Q.
Eu apenas me tento abstrair e concentrar me na minha respiração.
Se isso não funcionar, espero que a origem da distração desapareça
Mario Z.
Hi friend, well I think feelings and thoughts distracting you are part of meditation. Everyone's thoughts and feelings naturally come to them spontaneously, and meditation is about being able to refocus your attention despite distraction. 😊❤️
Phoebe C.
I note the distraction, and label it as thought or feeling, and then I let it go! It's ok to be distracted, as long as you bring back focus when you notice you're becoming distracted.