What part of the day do you meditate?

William J.
As close to when I wake up as possible. I find that it's easier to allow my mind to settle before all the little inconveniences of the day have begun to add up in the space of my mind.
Noah N.
I use to meditate as soon as I feel stressed or whenever I feel that I need it. So basically I'd say I sometimes meditate during the day, especially in the afternoon, but more in the evening when I am stressed or scared or whatever bad feelings and thoughts I can get in mind. Or when I only want to be relaxed to fall asleep quicker.
Brayden Z.
I meditate right before I get in bed to calm down, and unwind, so that I may have a better night’s sleep. However at any stressful time in the day it is good to just take a few deep breaths. I hope that this helps you!