Which do you find more beneficial: guided or unguided meditations?

Brian B.
I usually use guided meditations to fall asleep and I do end up feeling refreshed in the morning, so I’d say they work pretty well!
Eloane T.
If you are new at meditation guided meditation is better. Because it's very helpful to learn how to meditate. But if you're meditate for a long time not guided meditation is better. Because this way you can find your own way
Herminia Y.
Depends on what I want to acheive if i want to expand myself non guided off i want to be mindful and release tension guidded
Marcus G.
Guided meditation helps to progress in directional manner
Our spirituality moves towards the righteous consciousness
Thus Spiritual master is utmost important for meditation
Herman U.
I find that unguided meditations are better because it lets you guide your own body to do what is right for yourself. I find that I think about one certain thing when I medititate and that is being grateful which a guided meditation would not let me do.
Melvin Z.
Personally I prefer more guided meditations, because I struggle to focus and listening to someone guide me through the meditation is really helpful. I love the Headspace sleep meditations!
Nicolas I.
It depends on how eager I am. If I’m more calm like in the morning I rather meditate alone however at the night I like guided meditations better
Cecilia U.
Guided meditations are a great way to start and practice meditation. Personally I don‘t feel ready for unguided meditation yet.
Wesley C.
I consider myself still a newbie T meditation, so I find the guided meditation helps keep me focused in the right way. I have trouble with wandering mind! But I suppose it’s worth experimenting to find what works best for you. Possibly both types could be usefulat different times.
Kimberly G.
I like guided meditation but as I got used I practice unguided meditations… just let my thoughts flow free. But Whenever I can try a new guided meditation, I will do it… it becomes a habit, I often caught myself meditating more than once a day
Guenther B.
Intially guided meditation. And once you are at a level then unguided. In unguided try to be still as possible as you can. Don't try to stop your mind, this is point where peoples are committing mistakes, try to still your body, relax your body, in time you will find that your mind is also calmed and relaxed.
The best of the best way is Find a real living master.
But became aware of danger of masters who have only knowledge and who don't know beyond them.
Eloida Z.
A guided meditation is more accessible, and will always be better than no meditation ; but if you have the discipline, I feel like guided meditations are a more thoughtful and personal experience
Nina N.
I like guided meditations especially when starting out because it helps with my mind wandering. I really enjoy using the Insight Timer app. Unguided meditations are useful for me when I only have a few minutes.
Ava Y.
My answer is both! I’ve had some great guided meditations that have taught me really important things, but to really dig in and practice meditation fully I think you need to spend a lot of time working on those things by yourself.
Travis W.
I have appreciated unguided meditations…but i am enjoying guided meditations for now…to help me focus and guide me how to focus on my breathing and not get distracted by my mind and thoughts
Ingried Q.
Guided or at least with some cue that you reached the end. Fabulous doesn’t do that so I sat there for an extra three minutes.
Constance C.
Dear Reader, I prefer guided meditation because it relaxes me to hear a calming voice. You should get an app called Headspace for guided meditation. Guided meditation is the only meditation I’ve ever done, Hope this helped 🙂
Kent J.
For me, its very dependent on my mood.

If I am “so inside my head”, needing direction or reminder to just BREATHE, guided is most beneficial.

When I am reflecting, grounding, needing to do my work, so to speak – unguided is much more preferred.

Rosana Q.
Guided – I need suggestions for how to shift my attention. I've enjoyed the meditations in the app because they have a clear purpose, so I can pick the meditation that meets what I am trying to accomplish, given my emotional and mental state of the day.
Benedikt B.
Guided. I’m relatively new to meditating and I find it helpful to have something to anchor my meditations. I’ve been branching out into unguided meditation during the day when I have a few moments to meditate but not enough to get my phone out to do a guided meditation. I feel I get more out of the guided meditations, even if they can get a bit repetitive.
Emine O.
I prefer the guided mediataions right now. As someone new to the practice they help keep me focused and provide a valuable reminder to bring my mind back to topic
Fred J.
It depends on the mood. Most of the times when my mind is calm unguided is a good choice but when I have thoughts guided is better
Christian C.
I find guided meditations more beneficial. They keep me more focused and help me direct my meditation easier and better.
Silviane W.
Guided. Because I feel like I can relax and just let myself follow a set rhythm rather than focusing on setting my own.
Marvin C.
I find guided meditations more beneficial, with a voice guiding me I don’t get distracted by the timer thinking ‘5 more minutes to go!’ Instead I am able to appreciate the time to truely calm myself.
Mathew F.
Guided really helps me stay focused on the practice. I love the tidbits and advice that come with it, too. I haven’t done much unguided though, so my opinion is definitely biased.
Gary P.
I find the unguided meditation more beneficial, because I can clear my mind easier and do not have to focus on what is someone saying to me to do.
Lucille Z.
I find that both are beneficial in their own ways. For example, a guided meditation can be very helpful if your mind isn’t very present today. However, an unguided meditation can prove very beneficial if you just want some me time to relax. Hope this helps!