How do you quiet your mind when thoughts are frequent and sometimes interrupt meditation?

Mayaka U.
There are many tactics I use. First I try repeating a simple thought. Then I try redirecting a thought every time it enters my mind. Sometimes using a heating pad will help however it might also put me to sleep.
Lawrence U.
Like i let my mind wander, i do not open mu eyes. Do not weathers its right or wrong but i let my mind think whatever that comes in it. Later, when its done, i focus on my breath.
Margarida Q.
Observe the thoughts as they come, be aware of them, but don't give into them. Observe them like clouds in the sky passing by. You can't stop them from appearing from time to time, but you can learn to not react to them.
Claudia W.
When you find that you keep having thoughts, recognize it. But dont entertain it, let it pass. Inhale deeply, hold, then exhale for a little longer than your inhale. Do this 3x and then focus in on the meditation. It helps if its guided. Also being comfortable and still. Like a well trained pet, tell youself to stay then give yourself a reward after lol. It works. I usually let myself do something fun for 15 mins in the middle of a work day lol. I may just color 😂
Lily T.
Return your attention to your breath. Focus on the whole breath or just part of it. Count the breath to 10 as you breath in and then out. Keep practicing each day. Be happy with however the meditation is, be kind to yourself and drop any expectations.
Virgil X.
I try to focus in the present moment. Generally, I think about one color (like blue, for example, this color helps you to calm down) and visualize it on my mind.
Betsy Y.
That’s challenging, I’m a beginner, and it happens a lot, it takes practice and perseverance. Now is easier for me use the tools the app have, when my thoughts wander is like the voice knows it and I come back to base. Someday I will do it by myself. Practice makes perfection, I also use other Christian models.
Aubin O.
Think of your thoughts as a water fall and you are behind that waterfall watching it all go by. You’re not your thoughts and so there is no reason to latch on to them. You are an observer of your thoughts. ✨ @indigo_ingadoe
Lisa N.
From what I hear, it’s not about quieting your mind or quieting thoughts. It’s simply about putting some distance between you and them. So as long as you notice your mind is wandering or going off on a tangent and then are able to bring it back to your breath or whatever you’re focusing on, I think you’re doing a good job. It’s just about letting the thoughts pass by. That’s how I approach it and even though my mind is obviously still going, meditation does make me feel a little better and more centered.
Lesi N.
I acknowledge when thoughts are present during meditation and breathe through them. I don’t try to stop what I am thinking about I keep going
Lucas C.
Thoughts are normal! You should simply observe them and let them flow past.
I use visualisation techniques for that. I imagine a peaceful mountain with thoughts as clouds, then I can just look at them and let them pass 🙂
You could also do that with a flowing river (river sounds helps a lot) with thoughts as leaves flowing through.
Every thought that comes in where you manage to keep your focus on the moment is a occasion to practice and a step in the good direction! Keep it up 🙂